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New restaurant alert: The Collective Grand Hyatt

Most of us ‘Dubai kids’ will remember the Market Cafe in Grand Hyatt, well it is no more. The newly refurbished Collective takes its spot with beautiful interiors, great service and delicious food, and did I mention the jaw dropping dessert counter – it’s a sight not to be missed.

The restaurant consists of 4 sections, all of which could be restaurants on their own, with their own seating style and tableware. Sitting in any of the sections the attention to detail is obvious!

The Collective sports an interestingly different concept, where the menu will never be the same when you dine. Full control is given to the chefs; the daily menu depends on what their mood is or whatever they’re experimenting with.

Drinks from the Beverage Bar: pomegranate peppermint iced tea and a lemon pina colada. They even whip up a mean caramel espresso lassi too :O

Moving onto the food (nothing short of spectacular) from the day we dined. Started off in the Levant Emporium – huge range of fresh salads (favorites being: salad of 2016, mountain tomato salad). The manakeesh and specialty kashkaval cheese honey shawarma were delicious. Continue reading New restaurant alert: The Collective Grand Hyatt

Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


Having multiple branches across UAE (11 to be exact), Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar makes it’s way to Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile.

I actually got the chance to speak to Alison Nelson herself – who is extremely down to earth and humble. Having started out with writing, poetry and journalism she stumbled into New York kitchens and found her love for chocolate. The first store in New York mainly focused on desserts and sweet treats, for the second store she decided that she wanted chocolate bar to not only be known for their sweet menu and launched a savory menu.

On that note, the all day menu has an afternoon tea set available – with sandwiches, fluffy croissants, savory and sweet pastries. Favorites being: carrot and caramelized onion buttered pastry, kofta sandwich and cream cheese sliderContinue reading Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC

Events: Foodie Tour of Global Village

Before I get into the food: ladies beware, please don’t wear shorts or skirts to Global Village as they will have you wear (itchy) leggings to abide by park rules. Also Global Village ends this season on the 9th of April 2016. 

Even though Dubai Food Festival has ended, it has extended its reach to the revamped Global Village (which now has a more modern feel). The best way to explore a place in my book is to check out the food, and what’s better than a food trail! (cue slightly evil laugh)

Starting off with a Thai fruit stand opposite the African pavilion, which stocks multiple varieties of Thai fruits (favorites being: green guava and green mango). They also had something called rose apple which tasted like a sweet cucumber which sounds odd but really is the best description.

Fresh coconuts are available too and after you’re done, don’t forget to ask them to crack it open to get to the fleshy bits! Continue reading Events: Foodie Tour of Global Village

Candylicious launches 3D printed gummy candy

Candylicious is hosting the world’s first 3D gummy printer called the Magic Candy Factory, until May only!

Candy in an array of flavors, shapes and customized details created on the spot in less than 5 minutes through state of the art, first of its kind: 3D food printer(s). Plus it is ready to eat in under ten minutes, unlike conventionally produced gummy candy that needs three days to set.

Bringing sweet dreams to life through state of the art 3D printing technology powered by 100% vegan, halal, non-GMO, dairy and nut-free all-natural ingredients.

The Magic Candy Factory unveils 20 fun designs from octopuses, keys, hearts, pyramids, starfishes, frogs , butterflies and snowflakes. As for flavors: cherry, tropical, lemon, mango, apple and strawberry are just some of the flavors on offer. There’s even a special lemon mint flavor in the works for the Dubai store. Continue reading Candylicious launches 3D printed gummy candy

Food: Salero Tapas and Bodega’s new menu

Having heard amazing things about Salero Tapas and Bodega, we were thrilled to try their offerings and what’s better than to dine with Chef Oscar himself!

Wednesday is the day to visit, since it is the only day that the restaurant has a special live ‘flamenco‘ dance performance (from 8 pm onwards) which provides great entertainment while you indulge in the best Salero has to offer.

Started off with gazpacho andaluz – refreshing cold tomato soup with cucumber, pepper and croutons.


Ensaladilla rusa – creamy marinated Spanish potato salad served with juicy tuna chunks and hard boiled eggs, sounds simple but is delightful.


Anchoas del Cantàbrico con congollos de lechuga y vinagreta de jérez – talk about a long name. This dish consists of baby lettuce topped with Cantabrian anchovies and drizzled in a sherry vinaigrette.

Took a slight break from the delicious food and ventured into some Spanish classics like: queso manchego (manchego cheese) and some absolutely amazing cecina de león (air dried beef ham). Continue reading Food: Salero Tapas and Bodega’s new menu

Food: Mozzo Centrale – Neighborhood Eatery


Open in Umm Suqeim, I had my eye on Mozzo Centrale for a while; especially since all the Instagram posts over their fantastic breakfast menu (so much French toast). Although I didn’t manage to get here for breakfast, their vast all day menu proved great too.

A chilly Sunday afternoon sitting outside with a frozen cappuccino and a lemon mint sorbet because even in Dubai winter you need something cold! Both these drinks were amazing especially the lemon mint sorbet which is the best lemon mint to date (but each subsequent one tops the list so this might change soon, again).

As per our waiter’s recommendation, we went for the crispy chicken strips with jalapeno ketchup. I am not a fan of ketchup but this was something else, a tangy slightly spicy dip which when smothered over the chicken, made for a great combination.

Quinoa – part of the superfood trend in recent years is still going strong (unlike kale which is slowly dropping off menus), the Mozzo quinoa specialty salad has a unique twist. The base is of a regular salad but it has a delicious mix of sweet roasted pineapple, crispy fried sweet potatoes (fries!) and mushy avocado. Continue reading Food: Mozzo Centrale – Neighborhood Eatery

Event: Foodies x Benjarong meetup

SAM_8397Earlier this week I was invited to a fantastic meetup at Benjarong in the Dusit Thani on Sheikh Zayed Road. Being one of the oldest hotels on SZR upholding Thai traditions neither does the Dusit Thani nor Benjarong disappoint.


Started off with an appetizer plate: marinated beef skewer (neua rue gai satay), deep fried vegetable spring rolls (por pia savoey), deep fried shrimp cake (tord mun goong) and chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves (gai haw bai toey). Although all of these were delicious, my favorite was the succulent chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves.

A special treat was live preparations of my favorite Thai salad (som tam) with different spice levels. I ended up with a medium spicy som tam drenched in a spicy lime dressing. #hungerpangs. Continue reading Event: Foodies x Benjarong meetup

New restaurant alert: Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca recently opened up their newest branch in Mall of the Emirates – as part of the new extension. Cafe style seating and separate stations including: cafe kitchen, espersso bar, fatayer and pizza. Each station is decked out with an array of Dean and Deluca’s fabulous retail items! (more on that below)

Can’t start the day without caffeine, and that meant coffee – this latte and caramel frappe sure makes you feel human again!

The Dean and Deluca breakfast platter is quite filling with: crisp beef bacon, meaty beef sausages, sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes and 2 eggs of your choice (sunny side up for me).


A healthy option would be granola which for the first few bites tastes great but as you dig deeper there’ll be an overpowering sweet flavor of honey which makes it a tab bit too sweet, especially for breakfast.

I dined alongside a few other bloggers and they spoke highly of their dishes: the halloumi, breakfast pizza, pancakes and carrot cake!

Walked away with some really nice goodies, addicted to their peanut butter milk chocolate paired with some chamomile tea!

Appliances: Kenwood’s new K-mix collection.

Kenwood recently launched their new K-mix breakfast collection which is inspired by the pop art era – a unique collection expressed through vibrancy. The set retains the fundamental values inherent to the iconic Kenwood brand: quality, durability and reliability.
The new kMix collection includes five must-have kitchen appliances elements: the Kitchen Machine, Blender, Kettle, Toaster and Coffee Maker.
Review specifically on their kettle, toaster and coffee maker.

Sleek exteriors and deep raspberry hues is what the 1 litre jug kettle offers. The unique sure grip makes sure the kettle is easy to use even with wet or greasy hands and a water window for clear visibility. But the icing on the cake is the stainless steel mesh filter which traps limescale and is removable for easy cleaning. Limescale was a serious issue with my previous kettle. This little number is doing wonders for my chamomile tea overdose.

Pistachio toaster love! The toaster actually comes with a super convenient function which is the peek and view – you can actually lift the toast to get a peek at any time without cancelling.

SAM_7827.JPGThe browning control also comes with a defrost setting and an integrated cancel button.

Another cool thing about peek and view, which linked with the variable browning control, is that it will put an end to burnt or underdone toast. After not realizing what setting the toaster is on and ending up with burnt toast 😦 glad that this function puts an end to my worries. It also comes with a stainless steel bun/pastry warmer and toast rack. Warm croissants for the win!

Now the real star of the show is the coffee maker in aqua. This coffee maker produces 6 delicious cups of coffee making sure your mornings are never decaffeinated. Kenwood’s ThermoGen heating technology ensures perfect brewing temperature and OptiTemp keeps the coffee hot, fresh tasting and full of flavor.


An auto detection feature tells you when it’s time to descale the coffee maker and the machine automatically switches its hotplate off after two hours.

Loved loved all the new machines, certainly added a kick to my mornings and midnight teatime =b

Food: Dusty’s – a laid back fuss free meal

Dusty’s located in Al Fattan Currency House DIFC was hustling and bustling as usual on a Thursday afternoon. Dusty’s offers outside seating next to a waterfall which would be fantastic for this weather – I however ended up inside with its sleek and artsy interiors, better for photographs!

The menu itself is simple and straight to the point with a business lunch on offer too which sells out fast, by the time we got there out of 3 there was only 1 main course left! So ended up opting for a mix of a few small plates we kicked off lunch!


Tomato and pesto crostini – topped with rich cheese and ripe cherry tomatoes.


Lobster tacos – with a guacamole base with bits of lobster hidden inside a perfectly crispy taco shell. Continue reading Food: Dusty’s – a laid back fuss free meal