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Event: Foodies x Benjarong meetup

SAM_8397Earlier this week I was invited to a fantastic meetup at Benjarong in the Dusit Thani on Sheikh Zayed Road. Being one of the oldest hotels on SZR upholding Thai traditions neither does the Dusit Thani nor Benjarong disappoint.


Started off with an appetizer plate: marinated beef skewer (neua rue gai satay), deep fried vegetable spring rolls (por pia savoey), deep fried shrimp cake (tord mun goong) and chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves (gai haw bai toey). Although all of these were delicious, my favorite was the succulent chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves.

A special treat was live preparations of my favorite Thai salad (som tam) with different spice levels. I ended up with a medium spicy som tam drenched in a spicy lime dressing. #hungerpangs. Continue reading Event: Foodies x Benjarong meetup


New restaurant alert: Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR

Recently the awesome people over at Zomato sent me an invite to try out the newly opened Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR – it’s right next to Godiva and Sapori Di Bice, we spent a good 15 minutes searching for it!
We were greeted by the super helpful manager Mr Luca who sent over the best of Busaba, which is a lot of food. The restaurant itself is open and airy with a modernistic Asian touch.

For drinks, mom chose the healthy koh samui which contained coconut, orange and carrot. I on the other hand tried the thai milk iced tea which was sweet but the black tea flavor still shone through. Mr. Luca also wanted us to try the vanduke which contained cream of coconut, kalamansi puree, lychee juice and orange juice, we both liked vanduke better than our own drinks XD.

After hearing the never ending reviews about the thai calamari I had to try it and it was spectacular. The coating is crunchy but you get this explosion of flavors in your mouth; I loved it and I usually don’t like calamari. Continue reading New restaurant alert: Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR

Food: Zen

Recently I decided to try out Zen which is located in Business Bay, it may be small but it serves some psychotically good grub. We were greeted by the owner who was bearing glasses of mint lemonade which were super refreshing. We later tried the thai iced tea with milk and I was in love, gulped it down almost instantly, I just couldn’t stop, I’m still dreaming about that iced tea.

For starters we tried the tod man veg: corn cakes which were great, slightly sweet. Then the lettuce wraps arrived, a table favorite, piping hot filling and crispy noodles wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves and drizzled in sauce make for one amazing combination. I wanted to try the gai yang: bbq boneless chicken and the som tam: raw papaya salad and was told both those dishes go well together but that jasmine sticky rice would heighten the flavor. The spicyness of the papaya salad and juicy yet crispy chicken tied together with the rice make for a medley of great flavors. Picture below both items are in the bottom left corner. Continue reading Food: Zen