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New restaurant alert: Appetite!

Appetite is a definite hidden gem located inside Bay Avenue serving up delicious guilt free grub – not scrimping on quality or taste Appetite sure delivers on all fronts.

The interiors are quite quirky with wooden tables and steel chairs/stools surrounding the cases storing ‘top notch food’. Their outside bench seating gives a great picnic air and would be amazing for this weather.

Their menu includes daily specials and new additions to the menu like their superfood breakfast bowls.

As for drinks, they have their own range of coffees and juices but what really interested me were their freshly in-house made drinks: summer fiesta and litchi iced tea.

These beetroot, avocado organic quinoa nori rolls are really filling and not to mention delicious. A little hard to eat but worth the mess. Served with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

The Asian chicken noodles were another fast favorite, served in a durable take away box – noodles topped with stir fried vegetables and crispy sesame seed chicken.

Moroccan street salad – grilled halloumi, organic quinoa, mixed vegetables drenched in a tangy sumac dressing. This salad needs to be mixed well since the quinoa is at the bottom.


My favorite item out of everything we tried was the turkey and chipotle blt – this was just fantastic. The smoked turkey meets the soft yet flavorful rye bread and juicy tomatoes for a brilliant combination.


Wicked mac n cheese, a great twist on the classic with the addition of tomatoes and basil. Ooey gooey heavy cheesy deliciousness topped with a crunchy layer of parmesan cheese!


This is actually a new creation by the passionate Archie! He’s been experimenting with different ingredients to make the perfect smoothie and I think he hit jackpot. This invention contains: avocado, honey, coconut milk and white oats – needs to be on the menu stat!

Overall a great lunch at a hidden gem! Need more of that fantastic avocado smoothie.

Food: Kitsch Counter

Last Thursday I was invited to an exclusive tasting of the new menu at Kitsch Counter (previously known as Kitsch Cupcakes). We sampled a lot of really good dishes:

The menu: kitsch kale salad (with pumpkin seeds), organic beetroot hummus on gluten free zucchini bread, sweet potato tartelettes, cauliflower flatbread with organic goats cheese, sustainable tuna salad, raw organic zucchini pasta, organic chia seeds with nuts and bee pollen, homemade jam (no sugar), natural peanut butter, sweet potato bake, lentil saladpaleo muffin, cold pressed juices and lots of cupcakes.   Continue reading Food: Kitsch Counter