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Food: Just Salad, Boxpark

Another health craze has hit Dubai, which hasn’t spared anyone – not even food bloggers! Trying to eat healthy (which also includes the sad reality of skipping dessert) meant crossing Just Salad off the wishlist.

Sadly their blender wasn’t working when I visited, although their selection of teas made up for that – loved the Honest tea range: Honest green lemon as well as the half tea half lemonade combo. They also have Alo ® Drink (aloe vera), Vita Coco, vitamin water and much more.

Started off with a buffalo chicken wrap which may taste a bit bland in the beginning but as soon as the buttermilk ranch kicks in, it pulls the entire sandwich together!

A great combination of chickpeas, crumbled feta, lentils and pita chips with an olive oil balsamic vinegar dressing in the Mediterranean mix (veggie special).
Another great salad is the chipotle cowboy, a chunky salad where the grilled chicken, sharp cheddar and creamy avocado shine through; dressed in a chipotle vinaigrette.

Just salad also has a range of soups and a make your own salad option, if you opt for the reusable bowl you get to add 2 essentials to the salad of your choice.

The Boxpark branch we visited is small but had outdoor seating which was great for this cooler weather! Their other branches are in JLT and Business bay – for when the inevitable sweltering heat comes around!
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Food: Mozzo Centrale – Neighborhood Eatery


Open in Umm Suqeim, I had my eye on Mozzo Centrale for a while; especially since all the Instagram posts over their fantastic breakfast menu (so much French toast). Although I didn’t manage to get here for breakfast, their vast all day menu proved great too.

A chilly Sunday afternoon sitting outside with a frozen cappuccino and a lemon mint sorbet because even in Dubai winter you need something cold! Both these drinks were amazing especially the lemon mint sorbet which is the best lemon mint to date (but each subsequent one tops the list so this might change soon, again).

As per our waiter’s recommendation, we went for the crispy chicken strips with jalapeno ketchup. I am not a fan of ketchup but this was something else, a tangy slightly spicy dip which when smothered over the chicken, made for a great combination.

Quinoa – part of the superfood trend in recent years is still going strong (unlike kale which is slowly dropping off menus), the Mozzo quinoa specialty salad has a unique twist. The base is of a regular salad but it has a delicious mix of sweet roasted pineapple, crispy fried sweet potatoes (fries!) and mushy avocado. Continue reading Food: Mozzo Centrale – Neighborhood Eatery

Food: TRIBECA – slice of NYC in JBR

Since JBR is littered with a plethora of restaurants choosing where to dine tends to become a battlefield. TRIBECA is a new-ish open in JA Ocean View Hotel which offers healthy, fresh and organic options. The menu is color coded with all green items being organic, which is at least two-thirds of the menu!

For drinks we started of with: berrylicious and lychee coconut iced tea. While the former was syrup heavy, the latter was served unsweetened and proved to be refreshing.


Bruschetta sampler: tomato, walnut tapenade and porcini mushroom on toasted quinoa bread. The standout was the walnut tapenade with a subtle smoky flavor spread across the thick crusted bread.

Baked organic greek feta with oregano, black pepper + watermelon, a fairly simplistic starter with crumbly, melt in your mouth, well seasoned cheese. Feta worked incredibly well with the bruschetta so order these two dishes together.  Continue reading Food: TRIBECA – slice of NYC in JBR

New restaurant alert: Culinary Boutique

Culinary Boutique houses not only a restaurant and cafe, but also offers top notch cooking classes, and is so massive with a terrace that it could easily hold amazing events as attested to by the grand opening!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you must’ve noticed how stunning Culinary Boutique is (located in Jumeirah 1 after Dubai Zoo). For the Grand opening event was beautifully executed with a lavender theme!

Walking in we were greeted with juices mixed with in-house made lavender syrup and homemade strawberry jam, perfect for the recent spell of weather.

The first thing that caught my eye was the impressive display of desserts and cakes, all of which had lavender incorporated. Out of all these gorgeous confections it’s hard to pick a favorite but I think the blueberry cake stole the show.

I was a little hesitant since I’m not the biggest fan of lavender (flower flavors in general) but when I tried it I was incredibly surprised and went for seconds XD.
Lavender cake pops, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, pound cakes, cream puffs, snowballs and macarons were all glorious.

Even though I started with dessert, Culinary Boutique actually offers a lot more than just sweets! They have a lot of fantastic food, favorites being: wagyu slider, takoyaki, addictive teriyaki chicken skewers – pair all that off with a fresh sparkling lemonade.

Culinary Boutique offers great cooking classes, we ended up making a prawn and coconut curry in under 15 minutes (thank you Chef Julius, whose mission is to make you “fall in love and appreciate what culinary art is”). Loved loved his belief in food sourcing, know where you get your food from – schooled in the difference in the prawns from Philippines versus Vietnam. Similarly, every single thing at CB is sourced responsibly, with the micro greens being grown in store!

Desserts round 2 was mini doughnuts filled with lavender, chocolate and rose cream served with either white chocolate or toffee sauce. There was sweet lavender ice cream too!


With meticulous attention and passionate people running the show Culinary Boutique has me impressed.

Fitness First’s new Palm Jumeirah Branch

Fitness First’s latest Platinum club is now open in Palm Jumeirah Golden Mile 7, this makes it the 33rd club in the UAE!

The expansive facility offers it’s members platinum facilities featuring: huge group exercises, spinning and multipurpose studios.

Core Juice Bar – where I tried their new Acai berry smoothie, perfect post workout as it’s sweet, healthy and filling.

The juice bar also has many other options and also provides supplements such as multiple proteins, extracts, vitamins and more.

The facility also features multi-functional Synergy 360 training system and is also well equipped with a large range of freestyle products such as Battle Ropes, TiYRs, Bulgarian Bags, Slam Balls, Core Bags, VIPRs and TRX frames. Continue reading Fitness First’s new Palm Jumeirah Branch

S’wich – come for the s’wich stay for everything else.

S’wich’s new branch in Jumeirah 1 (opp Magrudy’s) opened about 2 months back with a new menu to boast. The restaurant can be spotted while driving down the always hustling Wasl Road, while small this place is impressive and an easy new favorite! Completely bowled over, loved it so much will be back very very soon.

The interior of the restaurant is quite quirky without seeming tacky at all. Props to the branding team that makes the restaurant seem naturally witty and inviting.

s'wich (15).JPG

A new launch is the new range of juices which, like everything else in S’wich, are made fresh onsite.

I went for the healthy ‘hulk’ (kale, green apple, cucumber, ginger) and also tried the minted lemonade which requires a good shake or the syrup remains at the bottom.

As for the starters, the recommended new experiments headed our way: lentil salad and beetroot dip.

s'wich (16).JPG

The lentil salad was extremely flavorful, especially when doused with it’s tangy olive oil based dressing.

s'wich (14).JPG

The beetroot dip is served with a crisp baked sumac and chili flakes bread. The dip itself packs a subtle punch, topped with olive oil and nuts – plus it looks incredibly vibrant.

s'wich (7).JPG

S’wich’s concept is that either you can try to make your own s’wich with a variety of toppings, vegetables and sauces. You start off with choosing your bread (white saj or whole wheat saj) or a rocca or lettuce plate if you’re going healthy.
Then move on to 4 toppings herbs are free, 2 sauces and voila your s’wich is created. Or you could choose a ready made option for those who are indecisive. Apart from that the entire kitchen is completely visible so you can watch the chefs whip up a storm while you wait!

s'wich (9).JPG

The duck is extremely popular and I can see why! I went for a duck s’wich on white saj topped with tomatoes, avocado, tomato relish, lettuce and coriander. I sauced it up with sweet chili and chipotle mayo. The caramelized duck meets the creamy toppings and zesty dressing for a fantastic combination.

s'wich (10).JPG

Looking at the menu, I had to try the chicken s’wich. It has been a while since I’ve had a saucy shawarma filled with pickles and fries. S’wich sure hit the spot, it didn’t use mayo or garlic sauce but elevated the classic shawarma to another level with wait for it… truffle sauce.

What goes best with a meal like this the answer will always be fries. Not just any fries though, the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in my life. Chunky yet crispy, acclaimed for a reason. The truffle parmesan fries are the right amount of cheesy contrary to the sweet potato fries these are skinny fries dusted in layers of parmesan.

It isn’t over yet, we still have a rich and decadent dessert to go – the chocolate brownie which is dense and nutty.

s'wich (20).JPG

This was a lunch well spent figuring out a new haunt!

Food: Logma – Modernistic Khaleeji Cuisine at Boxpark!

Logma is open at the fairly new and edgy district – Boxpark, is a welcome addition to the Khaleeji (Emirati) scene. A modern take on homegrown Emirati cuisine. The Logma team has put a lot of thought into their interiors, reminded us of an interesting take on old Dubai.

Berry blast (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry) – fruity and sweet.
Atlantis (lychee, passion fruit, lime) – interesting combination quite tart.
Logma shake (dates, banana, honey) – creamy, rich and not too sweet.
Passion of Arabia (passion fruit, pineapple) – loved the passion fruit seeds that popped with flavor when bit.

Samboosa cheese (cream cheese and spiced chips Oman), having grown up eating chips Oman, we were really looking forward to trying this out and they didn’t disappoint – banking on childhood flavors.

Samboosa vegetable (curry spiced potato and vegetable) subtle flavors and heavily potato filled, hot and cold combination when eaten with the raita.

Who doesn’t love fries, if anyone answers that question with a ‘me’ we will cut you! Just kidding, mostly.
These logma fries were crisp and you can taste the herbs, mainly parsley. Great use of the Khaleeji spices Continue reading Food: Logma – Modernistic Khaleeji Cuisine at Boxpark!

Desserts: Chikalicious – a hidden gem in The Village Mall, Jumeirah

Doesn’t the idea of a dessert bar sound fantastic, hence I introduce Chikalicious which offers a 3 course dessert bar menu. Can you imagine having a meal of just dessert which is not overwhelming since nothing is overly sweet.

Chikalicious first caught my eye because they offer dough’ssants (donut+croissant) which are different from cronuts. Cronuts are fried dough’ssants are double baked. They have three sizes: mini, medium and large. Recommended flavors: creme brulee, pistachio, oreo; for Lotus lovers there is also a brand new Lotus dough’ssant. Side note: they also have eclairs!

Lotus is the biscuit that has taken Instagram by storm. This Eid all I could see everywhere were Lotus biscoff desserts.
My first dessert of the afternoon was the Lotus chocolate cake; a moist cake with Lotus icing (Chef’s Dave own brilliant recipe) and topped with crisp Lotus biscuits.


Kunafa cheesecake has also been steadily growing in popularity, Chikalicious has a new angle since, the kunafa vermicilli is on top and held together by the sugar syrup which may be slightly hard to break but is totally worth the fork struggle.


Lotus rice pudding – uses arborio rice (so the grains are quite thick) which is lathered in pudding and Lotus sauce which makes this a gluttonous rice pudding. Also look how pretty the candied swan is.

Crack pie is odd sounding but won us over completely as the table favorite while being the simplest dessert tried. Best pie we’ve had, and it doesn’t have any flavoring other than oatmeal.
The base is hard but the top is very gooey since it uses Lotus spread.


The Lotus crepe cake was made in honor of our kind server Jennifer who celebrated her birthday with her favorite Chikalicious dessert. This crepe cake has 21 layers of just crepe sandwiched with Lotus spread.

The cake itself is smooth and you can taste the Biscoff. Even though the visit was very Lotus heavy (we only realize this now) we didn’t feel it, everything had balanced flavors.

I’ll end with a few close ups of the Lotus desserts and end on this note – if you want dessert head to Chikalicious, they have a very hands on approach and do very specific customization!

Disclaimer: We were invited to sample some of Chikalicious dishes but as always our opinions are honest and unbiased.

New restaurant alert: Beavertails on Kite Beach, Jumierah

Finally found our way to Kite Beach after a killer iftar courtesy mom. Didn’t find Salt though, was apparently on the other side but did find the newly opened Beavertails. It’s a tiny little place on the beach, next to all of the trampolines, but don’t let its size fool you.

The new import from Canada doles out the best poutine we’ve ever had, in a vegetable gravy nonetheless! Purists may argue for the meat, but this is as good as it gets for me and vegetarian mom. Even their hot dogs eschew the bun for their world-famous pastry – succlent meat wrapped in a crispy pastry then deep fried :O Continue reading New restaurant alert: Beavertails on Kite Beach, Jumierah

Events: Craisins launch with a fun cooking class at Top Chef Cooking Studio

Recently we were invited to the Craisins launch at Top Chef Cooking Studio, Al Wasl Road right opposite Town Center Jumeirah.

OceanSpray is the brand that created Craisins and are launching them in the Middle East market; OceanSpray produces almost 95% of the world’s cranberries. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because you can already find their cranberry juices in stores.

As part of the event we were treated to a cooking demonstration by Chef Chloe St-Cyr (winner: Taste of New Zealand) recipes below.

We tried a huge range of easy to make items with craisins ranging from chutneys, rice, fish to desserts like cookies and muffins.

We started off with some goats cheese and cranberry chutney. The chutney on its own was fantastic, we weren’t big fans of the goats cheese. Continue reading Events: Craisins launch with a fun cooking class at Top Chef Cooking Studio