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Food: TRIBECA – slice of NYC in JBR

Since JBR is littered with a plethora of restaurants choosing where to dine tends to become a battlefield. TRIBECA is a new-ish open in JA Ocean View Hotel which offers healthy, fresh and organic options. The menu is color coded with all green items being organic, which is at least two-thirds of the menu!

For drinks we started of with: berrylicious and lychee coconut iced tea. While the former was syrup heavy, the latter was served unsweetened and proved to be refreshing.


Bruschetta sampler: tomato, walnut tapenade and porcini mushroom on toasted quinoa bread. The standout was the walnut tapenade with a subtle smoky flavor spread across the thick crusted bread.

Baked organic greek feta with oregano, black pepper + watermelon, a fairly simplistic starter with crumbly, melt in your mouth, well seasoned cheese. Feta worked incredibly well with the bruschetta so order these two dishes together.  Continue reading Food: TRIBECA – slice of NYC in JBR


Seven Sands – modernized Emirati cuisine at its best!

Seven Sands new kebab festival is something that we’ve been looking forward to try ever since our phenomenal iftar here a few months ago! As luck would have it the weather was fantastic and sitting outside on the terrace with a view of the beach and the newly opened beach market which runs till December, was a treat. Seven Sands also has a stand there but more on that later.

Their kebab festival runs until November 15th, hurry while you can still get those delicious chunks of meat.

For drinks, we started off with a sweet and tangy yello bello mocktail with seeds of popping passion fruit.

Last time everyone went crazy for the caramel frappe, the date frappe might be even better! The rich, creamy frappe lined up in a tall glass and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce, nothing better for a slightly rainy day.

Their plain laban also goes great with the kebab dishes.

Roubian kebab – shrimps marinated with lemon, coriander and sweet chili peats served with ghee rice and a spicy chili sauce. The shrimps are easy to cut through and go great with the simple rice topped with caramelized onions and nuts hidden in between. Continue reading Seven Sands – modernized Emirati cuisine at its best!

New restaurant alert: Pots, Pans and Boards!

When an invite in my inbox arrived for a tasting session for Pots, Pans and Boards by Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens, mom and I jumped for joy and better yet the event was being held on my birthday (in-case you were wondering the 9th of September)!

Finding the restaurant might be a little tricky since it’s right at the end of The Beach Mall facing the beach. But the interiors alone are worth the walk, breathtakingly rustic and every piece has been hand-picked – large wooden tables with pots and pans hanging overhead and shelves brimming with different jars. The walls covered in kitchen knives and cleavers, reminded us of the old-fashioned especially with the open kitchen. Absolutely loved the interior and all the detail that went into it – we’d love to take it all home, pictures definitely don’t do it justice!

A lot of options in the drinks menu, the strawberry balsamic daxon is a refreshing sweet and sour medley, whereas the ginger lemongrass cucumber benedict is the perfect pick me up! We also loved the lemongrass and ginger herb infusion tea and the trade jade sword jing tea.

Since Pots, Pans and Boards has a sharing concept, all the dishes are made to be shared which we absolutely loved. Also everything is presented on a pot, pan or board, look at how cute the bread basket is!

For starters we were served the ice packed gordal olives topped with orange zest.

White bean and black garlic hummus was a welcome spin on a household classic served with a crisp bread.

A table favorite was the ricotta with dry herbs and aged balsamic, creamy cheese with a strong kick from the balsamic. Continue reading New restaurant alert: Pots, Pans and Boards!

Food: Eggspectation, The Beach JBR

Dinner this week was at Eggspectation, since I’m not well versed with the Beach Mall it took us a while to find Eggspectation; it’s right in the beginning opposite Hilton Hotel.

The restaurant itself was spotted a mile away and has beautifully rustic interiors with barren chairs painted white and bright light bulbs making the scene instaworthy! The restaurant sticks to the white color scheme throughout which is quite a refreshing change.

I was really looking forward to drinks and they didn’t disappoint. We tried the refreshing page, a tropical paradise which was a fruity mix and the balanced green light.


The crispy breaded onion rings were extremely soft on the inside! Continue reading Food: Eggspectation, The Beach JBR

New restaurant alert: Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR

Recently the awesome people over at Zomato sent me an invite to try out the newly opened Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR – it’s right next to Godiva and Sapori Di Bice, we spent a good 15 minutes searching for it!
We were greeted by the super helpful manager Mr Luca who sent over the best of Busaba, which is a lot of food. The restaurant itself is open and airy with a modernistic Asian touch.

For drinks, mom chose the healthy koh samui which contained coconut, orange and carrot. I on the other hand tried the thai milk iced tea which was sweet but the black tea flavor still shone through. Mr. Luca also wanted us to try the vanduke which contained cream of coconut, kalamansi puree, lychee juice and orange juice, we both liked vanduke better than our own drinks XD.

After hearing the never ending reviews about the thai calamari I had to try it and it was spectacular. The coating is crunchy but you get this explosion of flavors in your mouth; I loved it and I usually don’t like calamari. Continue reading New restaurant alert: Busaba Eathai, The Beach JBR

Food: Iftar preview at Seven Sands The Beach JBR

We were invited to an iftar preview at the newly opened Seven Sands located at The Beach Mall JBR.

The restaurant itself is drop dead gorgeous, the lower floor brings you a blast from the past with their beautiful history wall and the bar area is adorned with seven spices! The upper level has a more modern feel and also has a terrace with a killer view – perfect for winter nights.

Another fun fact about Seven Sands is that it actually has seven sands from the seven emirates in different colors.

For drinks we both got the refreshing yellow bello: passion fruit, basil leaves, fresh lemon juice and soda water. Continue reading Food: Iftar preview at Seven Sands The Beach JBR

Food: El Chico

El Chico located on JBR was buzzing on a Thursday night. Rustic interiors, walls covered with authentic Mexican items and colorful lights guided us to sit inside (on a side note also made me want to go to Mexico). Pouring over the vast menu we were conflicted, we were thrilled with the helpful waitress’s recommendations.

We started off with top shelf guacamole which is made at your table. El Chico: the first who started the trend here in the UAE! Tasted fantastic, had the right amount of chunkiness. The nacho chips were fresh and went great with the spicy sweet salsa (my mom’s favorite). Continue reading Food: El Chico