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Desserts: Smallcakes – a new cupcakery!

Aren’t edible gifts the best, well we received a delicious Ramadan gift, which contained Smallcakes new Saffronic cake and 4 cupcakes.

In the beginning, we couldn’t figure out the flavors of the Saffronic (at the time we did not know what it was called), we guessed orange or orange blossom based on looks, and after tasting: a kunafa layer or aseeda bobar. After further investigation/eating we were stumped by the saffron, loved the combination with pistachio. The sponge is soft and velvety especially the bottom layer, the buttercream is silky smooth and not too heavy or sweet. SAM_1472 The cupcakes are Smallcakes specialty and we were really excited to try them. The Saffronic may have overshadowed the cupcakes by taking a different flavor route. Continue reading Desserts: Smallcakes – a new cupcakery!

Food: Kitsch Counter

Last Thursday I was invited to an exclusive tasting of the new menu at Kitsch Counter (previously known as Kitsch Cupcakes). We sampled a lot of really good dishes:

The menu: kitsch kale salad (with pumpkin seeds), organic beetroot hummus on gluten free zucchini bread, sweet potato tartelettes, cauliflower flatbread with organic goats cheese, sustainable tuna salad, raw organic zucchini pasta, organic chia seeds with nuts and bee pollen, homemade jam (no sugar), natural peanut butter, sweet potato bake, lentil saladpaleo muffin, cold pressed juices and lots of cupcakes.   Continue reading Food: Kitsch Counter