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Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


Having multiple branches across UAE (11 to be exact), Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar makes it’s way to Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile.

I actually got the chance to speak to Alison Nelson herself – who is extremely down to earth and humble. Having started out with writing, poetry and journalism she stumbled into New York kitchens and found her love for chocolate. The first store in New York mainly focused on desserts and sweet treats, for the second store she decided that she wanted chocolate bar to not only be known for their sweet menu and launched a savory menu.

On that note, the all day menu has an afternoon tea set available – with sandwiches, fluffy croissants, savory and sweet pastries. Favorites being: carrot and caramelized onion buttered pastry, kofta sandwich and cream cheese sliderContinue reading Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


New restaurant alert: Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca recently opened up their newest branch in Mall of the Emirates – as part of the new extension. Cafe style seating and separate stations including: cafe kitchen, espersso bar, fatayer and pizza. Each station is decked out with an array of Dean and Deluca’s fabulous retail items! (more on that below)

Can’t start the day without caffeine, and that meant coffee – this latte and caramel frappe sure makes you feel human again!

The Dean and Deluca breakfast platter is quite filling with: crisp beef bacon, meaty beef sausages, sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes and 2 eggs of your choice (sunny side up for me).


A healthy option would be granola which for the first few bites tastes great but as you dig deeper there’ll be an overpowering sweet flavor of honey which makes it a tab bit too sweet, especially for breakfast.

I dined alongside a few other bloggers and they spoke highly of their dishes: the halloumi, breakfast pizza, pancakes and carrot cake!

Walked away with some really nice goodies, addicted to their peanut butter milk chocolate paired with some chamomile tea!

Food: Crumble revamped!

Crumble recently went through a huge overhaul – with brand new interiors, new menu and a new concept. The interiors have a rustic yet modern feel to it, steel tables and chairs with brick walls and tea lights adorning every corner.

As for the menu, it is completely different with diverse healthy options – the breakfast menu especially looks delicious, will be back to try that!

Started off with a detox juice (green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, spinach) which had a peppery kick and a hint of celery. Continue reading Food: Crumble revamped!

Events: Coffee is Costa Masterclass + New Menu Additions

Recently, we attended a coffee masterclass for beginners at the Costa Training Academy which we had been looking forward to since we had received the invite! We also got treated to their new menu which is fantastic but more on that later.
The masterclass started off with a short introduction to the Costa brand, a few things to know:

  • Only 1% of the world coffee beans are good enough for Costa.
  • They use fresh milk in their coffee not UHT hence you get a creamier, richer coffee.
  • Their coffees are handcrafted by their expert baristas and not button pushed.

So we started off with Costa’s core skills trainer Gihan explaining how the Costa process works. The espresso – an extremely important base for most coffees – needs to be brewed the right way starting with the grinding of the roasted coffee to the temperature of the water. Each espresso sip has a different flavor – sweet, bitter and then acidic. Making the perfect cup of coffee isn’t an easy task, it takes Costa baristas approximately 200 hours of training!

Their barista’s are extremely talented apart from winning multiple competitions including winning the Global Champion of Champions Barista of the Year twice, they can also sketch your face onto your coffee don’t believe me take a look at the pictures of a few bloggers at the event!

We were taught how to make a flat white including the coffee art which is harder to master than you think! Continue reading Events: Coffee is Costa Masterclass + New Menu Additions

Food: Iftar at Crumble Cafe

Iftar yesterday was at a family haunt which was recently remolded into Crumble Cafe. They have a few minimal changes to the decor with fun, edgy canvases on the walls don’t worry they still have the same laidback chairs and sofas. For Ramadan they have an iftar set menu which is 120 AED per person and includes: Ramadan drink, soup, salad, main course and dessert. The set menu did look tempting but we ended up ordering a la carte with a few new dishes and family favorites.

As soon as we opened our fast the juices and bread basket dropped by, The slightly sweet bellini twist: peach, carrot, orange and honey.
Healthy F-4 fusion: kiwi, orange, banana and honey.
Refreshing spice sunrise: apple, pineapple and ginger.

We started off with some soup which we think is the best way to open your fast.

Mushroom cappuccino with vanilla foam and almond dust. The mushroom soup wasn’t too creamy and went well with the crispy bread. The flavors of vanilla and almond were subtle but provided a good kick. Continue reading Food: Iftar at Crumble Cafe

Food: Bookmunch Cafe – feeding both the soul and the mind!

Last Saturday we headed to Bookmunch for dinner, it’s located in Wasl Square, near Safa park. Caution there is a lot of construction happening in that area due to a new project called the Safa Water Canal.

Moving on, we started off with the minty lemon cooler and fresh pineapple juice.


We decided to share the fresh and warm combo in which you can choose a soup and salad. We went for: carrot and pumpkin soup and quinoa salad. The soup was rich and flavorsome, may sound like an odd combination but the flavors work well together especially with the croutons. The quinoa salad was excellent, crunchy broccoli, green beans, peas topped with heaps of earthy quinoa and finished with a zesty dressing. Continue reading Food: Bookmunch Cafe – feeding both the soul and the mind!

Desserts/New restaurant: Ribbons & Balloons Bakery – the best eggless cakes in Dubai

Recently I was invited to a tasting session of a new open in Oud Mehta called Ribbons & Balloons Bakery. The interiors itself are cheerful with pastel pink walls but what’s really eye-catching is the display. There are two separate displays one for normal cakes and the other for eggless cakes! IMG-20150424-03224

We started off with some karak chai and a cappuccino. Both the beverages were just strong enough and went well with the sweetness ahead. Continue reading Desserts/New restaurant: Ribbons & Balloons Bakery – the best eggless cakes in Dubai

Food: G’s Dubai – one of the best bakeries in town

G’s is located in Cluster F, JLT and I was there recently for a fantastic tasting session. G’s is a homegrown cafe and bakery which also produces some beautiful customized cakes, a few caught my eye: the minion cake was neatly executed, and I loved the elegant look of the yellow and lilac ruffle cake. The tiered cakes that were in their display cases looked stunning as well (pictures above).

Since this post has already started off with dessert and there’s a lot more of it to come we’ll switch over to their appetizing food. Since the Dubai heat is almost back 😦 we started of will some drinks to cool us off. I opted for an iced coffee caramel which was scrumptious, while my mom had a refreshing orange carrot juice. IMG-20150418-03145 We got the arugula, tomato & goat’s cheese focaccia, and the chicken feta pesto panini. Both these sandwiches had the most flavorsome, crunchy olive focaccia, LOVED this. The arugula sandwich was one of the freshest ones I’ve had, would definitely go back for this. My chicken pesto panini was also brilliant since the chicken was grilled to perfection and the nutty pesto merged everything together to create an explosion of flavors. Continue reading Food: G’s Dubai – one of the best bakeries in town

New restaurant alert: Dolcezza

Dolcezza is truly a hidden gem located in Damac Park Towers (picture below).

damac park towers

Rating: 5/5

What I Loved: Everything the entire meal was perfect!

They have outdoor seating with a spectacular view which is great in this weather. The bakery itself is breathtaking, so many options and everything looks (and tastes) good. My mom and I went here for lunch and honestly the entire meal was heavenly, there was not a single low point. Dolcezza is quite meticulous, they have all the tiny details covered. We started of with assam black tea, which is a special blend: doesn’t have any preservatives/artificial flavouring, is not processed and of the highest caliber.  Continue reading New restaurant alert: Dolcezza

Food: Organic Foods and Cafe – Sheikh Zayed Road

The Organic Foods and Cafe located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to Oasis Center is huge. Since my mom loves shopping at their supermarket I was eager to try out their cafe.
What the cafe strives to do is make their food taste delicious while using organic produce and they’ve nailed it. I got to meet the culinary manager who told me about the brand and how it works and the chef who runs the operation behind the scenes. They have an in store bakery, butchery and fishery. Everything is made fresh daily from scratch. Another rarity is that the cafe is organic certified which is hard to find in the UAE. Continue reading Food: Organic Foods and Cafe – Sheikh Zayed Road