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New restaurant alert: The Collective Grand Hyatt

Most of us ‘Dubai kids’ will remember the Market Cafe in Grand Hyatt, well it is no more. The newly refurbished Collective takes its spot with beautiful interiors, great service and delicious food, and did I mention the jaw dropping dessert counter – it’s a sight not to be missed.

The restaurant consists of 4 sections, all of which could be restaurants on their own, with their own seating style and tableware. Sitting in any of the sections the attention to detail is obvious!

The Collective sports an interestingly different concept, where the menu will never be the same when you dine. Full control is given to the chefs; the daily menu depends on what their mood is or whatever they’re experimenting with.

Drinks from the Beverage Bar: pomegranate peppermint iced tea and a lemon pina colada. They even whip up a mean caramel espresso lassi too :O

Moving onto the food (nothing short of spectacular) from the day we dined. Started off in the Levant Emporium – huge range of fresh salads (favorites being: salad of 2016, mountain tomato salad). The manakeesh and specialty kashkaval cheese honey shawarma were delicious. Continue reading New restaurant alert: The Collective Grand Hyatt


New restaurant alert: Milkcow

SAM_8460Perpetual South Korean excitement (and fangirling) meant having to check out the newly opened Milkcow!

Spread out over most of East Asia and slowly spreading across the US, Milkcow has opened their second store in the Middle East at the Grand Trident Mall – JBR, the first being in Egypt.


As for their ice cream they only have 1 flavor – milk soft serve (dense but not heavy), which is garnished with an array of toppings. From 100% organic honeycomb from Australia (which is what they’re famous for) to dates (a special for the region) and even candy floss :O Their toppings leave you floored for choice and choosing what to order becomes a battle (I was battling between macao dream and black pearl).

I ended up with the macao dream, soft and creamy ice cream topped with almond flakes and a macaron flavor of your choice (mine was caramel)! #delicious Continue reading New restaurant alert: Milkcow

New restaurant alert: Dean and Deluca

Dean and Deluca recently opened up their newest branch in Mall of the Emirates – as part of the new extension. Cafe style seating and separate stations including: cafe kitchen, espersso bar, fatayer and pizza. Each station is decked out with an array of Dean and Deluca’s fabulous retail items! (more on that below)

Can’t start the day without caffeine, and that meant coffee – this latte and caramel frappe sure makes you feel human again!

The Dean and Deluca breakfast platter is quite filling with: crisp beef bacon, meaty beef sausages, sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes and 2 eggs of your choice (sunny side up for me).


A healthy option would be granola which for the first few bites tastes great but as you dig deeper there’ll be an overpowering sweet flavor of honey which makes it a tab bit too sweet, especially for breakfast.

I dined alongside a few other bloggers and they spoke highly of their dishes: the halloumi, breakfast pizza, pancakes and carrot cake!

Walked away with some really nice goodies, addicted to their peanut butter milk chocolate paired with some chamomile tea!

New restaurant alert: Appetite!

Appetite is a definite hidden gem located inside Bay Avenue serving up delicious guilt free grub – not scrimping on quality or taste Appetite sure delivers on all fronts.

The interiors are quite quirky with wooden tables and steel chairs/stools surrounding the cases storing ‘top notch food’. Their outside bench seating gives a great picnic air and would be amazing for this weather.

Their menu includes daily specials and new additions to the menu like their superfood breakfast bowls.

As for drinks, they have their own range of coffees and juices but what really interested me were their freshly in-house made drinks: summer fiesta and litchi iced tea.

These beetroot, avocado organic quinoa nori rolls are really filling and not to mention delicious. A little hard to eat but worth the mess. Served with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

The Asian chicken noodles were another fast favorite, served in a durable take away box – noodles topped with stir fried vegetables and crispy sesame seed chicken.

Moroccan street salad – grilled halloumi, organic quinoa, mixed vegetables drenched in a tangy sumac dressing. This salad needs to be mixed well since the quinoa is at the bottom.


My favorite item out of everything we tried was the turkey and chipotle blt – this was just fantastic. The smoked turkey meets the soft yet flavorful rye bread and juicy tomatoes for a brilliant combination.


Wicked mac n cheese, a great twist on the classic with the addition of tomatoes and basil. Ooey gooey heavy cheesy deliciousness topped with a crunchy layer of parmesan cheese!


This is actually a new creation by the passionate Archie! He’s been experimenting with different ingredients to make the perfect smoothie and I think he hit jackpot. This invention contains: avocado, honey, coconut milk and white oats – needs to be on the menu stat!

Overall a great lunch at a hidden gem! Need more of that fantastic avocado smoothie.

New restaurant alert: Olea Kempinski MOE

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates recently opened up Olea, serving up Levantine cuisine. The marbly interiors and futuristic patterning compliment the orange, green and brown color theme. The open kitchen with the traditional ovens and steel surfaces are a sight to see – the waiters shout out your order while the smiling chefs scurry to their positions.

Mocktails are a must! Passion of the spice (passion fruit puree, honey, lime juice, mint leaves, chili tincture, tonka bean) and levant & company (strawberry, cinnamon, lemon juice, cracked black pepper).

Trio of labneh (garlic, walnut and chili paste) creamy and light with a base of olive oil and a range of accompaniments.


The fattoush (one of my favorite salads) topped with micro greens and crisp croutons was a fast favorite.


The charcoal roasted halloumi was a little salty on it’s own but tasted great with the blanched cherry tomatoes and coriander it was served with.

Yalangi (vine leaves) have slowly won me over this year and these were nothing less than special here, vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs and doused with a zesty vinaigrette.

The classic batata harra, soft fried whole baby potatoes swimming in a creamy gravy with a hint of spice – well executed.

Can’t leave without some el homos, with 3 different types served: Beiruti (spicy), Musahaba and homos all 3 were delicious as homos should be!


I loved the crusty zaatar manakeesh, simplistic yet flavorful.

Palestinian musakhan – chicken, sumac, olive oil, caramelized onions, pine nuts atop a sodden down flatbread. The thick pieces of chicken and browned pine nuts make for a fantastic combination.

Hamour in a claypot, not the prettiest dish but boy was it good – succulent hamour fillets submerged in a tomato gravy.

Dessert doesn’t disappoint with soft kunafa made Palestinian style, I normally don’t like semolina based kunafa’s but this one won me over.


Halawet eljibin is a dessert topped with cotton candy which melts when syrup is poured, left with cheesy dumplings drenched in rose syrup nuts and rose petals – a perfect finish to the meal.

New restaurant alert: Culinary Boutique

Culinary Boutique houses not only a restaurant and cafe, but also offers top notch cooking classes, and is so massive with a terrace that it could easily hold amazing events as attested to by the grand opening!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you must’ve noticed how stunning Culinary Boutique is (located in Jumeirah 1 after Dubai Zoo). For the Grand opening event was beautifully executed with a lavender theme!

Walking in we were greeted with juices mixed with in-house made lavender syrup and homemade strawberry jam, perfect for the recent spell of weather.

The first thing that caught my eye was the impressive display of desserts and cakes, all of which had lavender incorporated. Out of all these gorgeous confections it’s hard to pick a favorite but I think the blueberry cake stole the show.

I was a little hesitant since I’m not the biggest fan of lavender (flower flavors in general) but when I tried it I was incredibly surprised and went for seconds XD.
Lavender cake pops, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, pound cakes, cream puffs, snowballs and macarons were all glorious.

Even though I started with dessert, Culinary Boutique actually offers a lot more than just sweets! They have a lot of fantastic food, favorites being: wagyu slider, takoyaki, addictive teriyaki chicken skewers – pair all that off with a fresh sparkling lemonade.

Culinary Boutique offers great cooking classes, we ended up making a prawn and coconut curry in under 15 minutes (thank you Chef Julius, whose mission is to make you “fall in love and appreciate what culinary art is”). Loved loved his belief in food sourcing, know where you get your food from – schooled in the difference in the prawns from Philippines versus Vietnam. Similarly, every single thing at CB is sourced responsibly, with the micro greens being grown in store!

Desserts round 2 was mini doughnuts filled with lavender, chocolate and rose cream served with either white chocolate or toffee sauce. There was sweet lavender ice cream too!


With meticulous attention and passionate people running the show Culinary Boutique has me impressed.

New restaurant alert: Go Gyroz

Go Gyroz is a new Greek open located in Cluster D, JLT. Easy to find, with the bright blue Grecian interiors. The staff is incredibly welcoming and well acquainted with the deceptively small menu.

After a quick run down of their menu, which is divided into sections, they have 4 main sandwiches: the Babylonian bite (Arabian), the Spartan spread (Greek), the Mayan Myth (Mexican) and the Ottoman (Turkish). They also have gyro plates, salads, sides, desserts and with the ‘build your own gyro empire’ – the options are actually endless.

We delved right in and started with one of my favorites from the night the Ottoman – soft doner bread filled with the most tender meat and coated in a smoky roasted eggplant sauce.

The Babylonian bite – arabic pita bread with more succulent meat (a mix of lamb and beef) mixed in a sesame tahini sauce and finished off with fresh vegetables and parsley.
My personal favorite was the Mayan myth – fluffy tortilla bread, creamy guacamole, chipolte salsa mixed with jalapeno spread. Sound delicious, tastes incredible – topped with the meat of your choice. Continue reading New restaurant alert: Go Gyroz

Food: Crumble revamped!

Crumble recently went through a huge overhaul – with brand new interiors, new menu and a new concept. The interiors have a rustic yet modern feel to it, steel tables and chairs with brick walls and tea lights adorning every corner.

As for the menu, it is completely different with diverse healthy options – the breakfast menu especially looks delicious, will be back to try that!

Started off with a detox juice (green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, spinach) which had a peppery kick and a hint of celery. Continue reading Food: Crumble revamped!

New restaurant alert: Per Te’s second Business Bay branch!

Recently, we headed to Per Te’s new branch in Bay Avenue, Business Bay for breakfast! The new branch looks like a more relaxed version of the Jumeirah branch, with additions of the salad counters and the bakery.

The retail section is even better, with authentic ingredients straight from Italy: eucalyptus honey, aged balsamic vinger, flavored sprays, chocolate cigars, organic jams: you name it!

Chef Glady handles the Business Bay branch for breakfast and lunch and then heads back to the Jumeirah branch for dinner but has the capable Chef Josh take over.

The wild apple ginger tea was a refreshing and well liked with fruitful notes and a kick from the ginger.

The strong Per Te latte served with the fast favorite croissant was not overpowering and the croissants go well with any of Per Te’s numerous coffees!

Their airy, delicious croissants are baked fresh in house every 2-3 hours and are addictive to say the least. These croissants are perfectly baked and have great consistency and balance; you can see the layers. I tried one right out of the oven which was soft, buttery and the lightest croissant I’ve ever had!

My mains choice was the ciabatta toast, with poached eggs, smoked salmon, asparagus, spinach, pine nuts, and hollandaise sauce. It was a medley of fantastic flavors: the crisp toast with the sauteed spinach, salmon wrapped asparagus, pine nuts and topped with hollandaise sauce, a deadly combination. Quite a big portion too!

Saffron pancakes came beautifully presented with fresh figs, walnuts, raspberries, and mint leaves. The fluffy pancakes go well with the vanilla and chocolate sauce and come with maple syrup already poured but I would’ve wished for more sauce. The pancakes go well with the velvety figs and the mint provides a pleasant aftertaste.

A visit to Per Te isn’t complete without trying Chef Glady’s new creations, and the stracciatella burrata which uses streusel topped with stringy cheese, eucalyptus honey and fresh figs. We fought over the last bite of this marvelous dessert, we must definitely return.

Another new dessert is the lieto di choccolato which has a biscuit base topped with a dense creamy 75% cacao chocolate layer which has bits of meringue and pistachio. Served with passion fruit semi freddo and some killer sugar work, another heavenly combination!

Presentation has always been Per Te’s strong point and Chef Glady and his team definitely don’t disappoint. This new branch has certainly heightened up Per Te’s usual standards of finesse.

Per Te Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

New restaurant alert: Burger Rebel

Need a place in Souk Al Bahar which doesn’t serve alcohol but has delicious food = Burger Rebel.

The place itself has a modernistic take on a diner hence it looks quite funky, an open kitchen with bar stools, archie comic chairs, graffiti on the walls!

Our drinks were the non sweet strawberry daiquiri and the refreshing new watermelon cucumber cooler!

Salad in a jar that comes with dressings so you can self dress, count me in! We chose the roasted beets and halloumi salad, extremely fresh loved the tangy oranges, crunchy spiced cashew nuts and zesty orange dressing mixed with aged balsamic vinegar and a hint of olive oil.

The melt is a crossover between a sandwich and a hamburger and is really enjoyable. Tender, juicy caramelized shreds of beef topped with cabbage relish, Monterrey jack cheese, chipotle mayo and pickles. Can choose to keep it meaty or dress with sauce and pickles which are served on the side.

My choice were the roma sliders which was the perfect combination of some of my favorite flavors: sliced grilled tenderloin beef, layered with arugula, parmesan cheese and a balsamic glaze sandwiched between toasted buns!

Alongside those options we munched on crispy beetroot chips mmm!

The warm chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream was oozing from the inside, rupturing the cake and watching the chocolate abundantly gush out is definitely worth the 15 minute wait!

The sweet corn cake was also well liked, a fluffy spongy corn cake with a sweet berry sauce and whipped cream!

Must definitely come back for those sliders and vegetarians do not fret they do have a few veggies options apart from the salads!

Burger Rebel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato