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Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


Having multiple branches across UAE (11 to be exact), Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar makes it’s way to Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile.

I actually got the chance to speak to Alison Nelson herself – who is extremely down to earth and humble. Having started out with writing, poetry and journalism she stumbled into New York kitchens and found her love for chocolate. The first store in New York mainly focused on desserts and sweet treats, for the second store she decided that she wanted chocolate bar to not only be known for their sweet menu and launched a savory menu.

On that note, the all day menu has an afternoon tea set available – with sandwiches, fluffy croissants, savory and sweet pastries. Favorites being: carrot and caramelized onion buttered pastry, kofta sandwich and cream cheese sliderContinue reading Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


Candylicious launches 3D printed gummy candy

Candylicious is hosting the world’s first 3D gummy printer called the Magic Candy Factory, until May only!

Candy in an array of flavors, shapes and customized details created on the spot in less than 5 minutes through state of the art, first of its kind: 3D food printer(s). Plus it is ready to eat in under ten minutes, unlike conventionally produced gummy candy that needs three days to set.

Bringing sweet dreams to life through state of the art 3D printing technology powered by 100% vegan, halal, non-GMO, dairy and nut-free all-natural ingredients.

The Magic Candy Factory unveils 20 fun designs from octopuses, keys, hearts, pyramids, starfishes, frogs , butterflies and snowflakes. As for flavors: cherry, tropical, lemon, mango, apple and strawberry are just some of the flavors on offer. There’s even a special lemon mint flavor in the works for the Dubai store. Continue reading Candylicious launches 3D printed gummy candy

New restaurant alert: Milkcow

SAM_8460Perpetual South Korean excitement (and fangirling) meant having to check out the newly opened Milkcow!

Spread out over most of East Asia and slowly spreading across the US, Milkcow has opened their second store in the Middle East at the Grand Trident Mall – JBR, the first being in Egypt.


As for their ice cream they only have 1 flavor – milk soft serve (dense but not heavy), which is garnished with an array of toppings. From 100% organic honeycomb from Australia (which is what they’re famous for) to dates (a special for the region) and even candy floss :O Their toppings leave you floored for choice and choosing what to order becomes a battle (I was battling between macao dream and black pearl).

I ended up with the macao dream, soft and creamy ice cream topped with almond flakes and a macaron flavor of your choice (mine was caramel)! #delicious Continue reading New restaurant alert: Milkcow

New restaurant alert: Culinary Boutique

Culinary Boutique houses not only a restaurant and cafe, but also offers top notch cooking classes, and is so massive with a terrace that it could easily hold amazing events as attested to by the grand opening!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you must’ve noticed how stunning Culinary Boutique is (located in Jumeirah 1 after Dubai Zoo). For the Grand opening event was beautifully executed with a lavender theme!

Walking in we were greeted with juices mixed with in-house made lavender syrup and homemade strawberry jam, perfect for the recent spell of weather.

The first thing that caught my eye was the impressive display of desserts and cakes, all of which had lavender incorporated. Out of all these gorgeous confections it’s hard to pick a favorite but I think the blueberry cake stole the show.

I was a little hesitant since I’m not the biggest fan of lavender (flower flavors in general) but when I tried it I was incredibly surprised and went for seconds XD.
Lavender cake pops, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, pound cakes, cream puffs, snowballs and macarons were all glorious.

Even though I started with dessert, Culinary Boutique actually offers a lot more than just sweets! They have a lot of fantastic food, favorites being: wagyu slider, takoyaki, addictive teriyaki chicken skewers – pair all that off with a fresh sparkling lemonade.

Culinary Boutique offers great cooking classes, we ended up making a prawn and coconut curry in under 15 minutes (thank you Chef Julius, whose mission is to make you “fall in love and appreciate what culinary art is”). Loved loved his belief in food sourcing, know where you get your food from – schooled in the difference in the prawns from Philippines versus Vietnam. Similarly, every single thing at CB is sourced responsibly, with the micro greens being grown in store!

Desserts round 2 was mini doughnuts filled with lavender, chocolate and rose cream served with either white chocolate or toffee sauce. There was sweet lavender ice cream too!


With meticulous attention and passionate people running the show Culinary Boutique has me impressed.

Desserts: Godiva’s Festive Offerings

Godiva’s JBR The Beach outlet has been transformed into a festive chocolate wonderland. Multiple options are available from the Holiday collection, get yours while stocks last.

As for the Holiday collection – there is so much to try: from raspberry tartlettes to truffles, cookies, sachers, biscuits and so much more.

Dipped strawberries are a fast seller at Godiva and I got to try to make my own with the help of world renowned Godiva chocolatier: Chef Phillipe.

Interesting fact about the gold Godiva logo on each product is that it’s made out of cocoa butter! Got to use the sheets they use to label each of their products, on the chocolate fruit that turned out deliciously – just lay your warm chocolate on them and voila!

Also finally tried their famous soft serve ice cream which is just as good as the rave reviews! Rich creamy chocolate and sweet light vanilla drizzled with chocolate sauce in a waffle cone which is perfect anytime.

Their lava cake is also fantastic, served with vanilla ice cream. The fluffy cake (“stamped” with the cocoa butter logo!) oozes warm melted chocolate from the inside, which meets the cold vanilla bean ice cream and that’s all you really need sometimes! Heavenly, while being sinfully delicious.

Godiva also offers gifts and chocolates for retail, their best selling truffles sure caught my eye!

Godiva treats can be purchased at Godiva stores located at Dubai: The Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence), CityWalk, Mirdif City Center; Abu Dhabi: The Galleria (Al Maryah Island), Nation Towers, Qaryat Al Beri, YAS Mall, Al Ain Mall.

Desserts: Kanafty – a hidden gem for some great kunafa

Recently, I’ve been having an obsession with kunafa, Kanafty has been on my list for a really long time now.
It’s a small place with an open kitchen where you can watch them prepare heavenly goodness, if you want or just ask them to bring it to your car.

They have a huge range of kunafa’s with different types, fillings and sizes. After quite a bit of contemplation, we finally decided to get the khalijia kunafa but then we were confused about the filling – cheese or cream? The server (who was super kind and helpful) told us that you can go for a half and half and that’s what we did. We opted for the mini – 20 AED.
The other sizes are: small – 30 AED, medium – 40 AED and big 50 – AED

The kunafa was extremely fresh, the cheese kunafa was a mix of sweet and salty flavors whereas the cream was crispy and soft, mmm #droolingonmykeyboard. They give you sugar syrup on the side but I didn’t think it was needed plus I thought the portion was good enough for 2 people

I’ve definitely found my new go to kunafa and dessert place, can’t wait to try the other varieties and their baklava.

Dessert: Dip n Dip in Arabian Center – a taste will definitely make you :)

Want huge delicious desserts covered in the chocolate sauce of your choice? Then definitely head to Dip n Dip. Don’t worry about it being filled up, just walk over to their other branch which is right next door! We were lead there after trying to get a table at the outlet right next to the food court.
The interiors itself are of a cafe but we really liked the protruding Dip n Dip signs on the ceiling of the much bigger outlet we were in. Selfie is up on snapchat: emanqadeer.

We started off with a few drinks: a cool iced cappuccino, a thick sweet double shot coffee milkshake, a black tea and a tea n milk.

Waffle time and the dip n dip waffle is no exception, served with strawberries, kiwi, banana, pineapple and an optional ice cream. Their waffle is really soft and light and we were really glad that the milk chocolate wasn’t too heavy. You may think that pineapple, kiwi and chocolate don’t go together, trust us they do, the fact that they were gobbled up first proves that point. Recommended to try it with the vanilla ice cream = killer combination. Wanna watch the chocolate cover everything check out the video below:

The classic decadent dip n dip brownies, delivers promises being decadently chocolaty. A crunchy chocolate brownie with dark chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint. Please tell me what more you’d like in life! The end bite of mint is a refreshing palate cleanser!

Fettuccine crepe, the portion itself is huge, airy crepes cut into pieces and drenched in a thick milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream. A deadly dessert recommended to be shared.

The dip n dip crepe is loaded with fruits and then topped with selected chocolate, white in this case. A perfect choice if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by cocoa. The fruits bring out their natural sweetness and the combination of light crepe, creamy white chocolate and fresh fruits work brilliantly together.

For the chocolate fondue our accompaniments were cream puffs and strawberries. The fondue itself is quite rich and could be mistaken as an extra large chocolate shot! The fluffy cream puffs were an instant favorite.

In dip n dip all items are topped with the chocolate of your choice (white, milk or dark), we weren’t brave enough to choose all three. None of the items are overly sweet which is hard to find so the next time you have a dessert attack you know where to go!

Desserts: Chikalicious – a hidden gem in The Village Mall, Jumeirah

Doesn’t the idea of a dessert bar sound fantastic, hence I introduce Chikalicious which offers a 3 course dessert bar menu. Can you imagine having a meal of just dessert which is not overwhelming since nothing is overly sweet.

Chikalicious first caught my eye because they offer dough’ssants (donut+croissant) which are different from cronuts. Cronuts are fried dough’ssants are double baked. They have three sizes: mini, medium and large. Recommended flavors: creme brulee, pistachio, oreo; for Lotus lovers there is also a brand new Lotus dough’ssant. Side note: they also have eclairs!

Lotus is the biscuit that has taken Instagram by storm. This Eid all I could see everywhere were Lotus biscoff desserts.
My first dessert of the afternoon was the Lotus chocolate cake; a moist cake with Lotus icing (Chef’s Dave own brilliant recipe) and topped with crisp Lotus biscuits.


Kunafa cheesecake has also been steadily growing in popularity, Chikalicious has a new angle since, the kunafa vermicilli is on top and held together by the sugar syrup which may be slightly hard to break but is totally worth the fork struggle.


Lotus rice pudding – uses arborio rice (so the grains are quite thick) which is lathered in pudding and Lotus sauce which makes this a gluttonous rice pudding. Also look how pretty the candied swan is.

The deliciously easy 'crack pie' from @chikaliciousme.

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Crack pie is odd sounding but won us over completely as the table favorite while being the simplest dessert tried. Best pie we’ve had, and it doesn’t have any flavoring other than oatmeal.
The base is hard but the top is very gooey since it uses Lotus spread.


The Lotus crepe cake was made in honor of our kind server Jennifer who celebrated her birthday with her favorite Chikalicious dessert. This crepe cake has 21 layers of just crepe sandwiched with Lotus spread.

The cake itself is smooth and you can taste the Biscoff. Even though the visit was very Lotus heavy (we only realize this now) we didn’t feel it, everything had balanced flavors.

I’ll end with a few close ups of the Lotus desserts and end on this note – if you want dessert head to Chikalicious, they have a very hands on approach and do very specific customization!

Disclaimer: We were invited to sample some of Chikalicious dishes but as always our opinions are honest and unbiased.

Desserts: Smallcakes – a new cupcakery!

Aren’t edible gifts the best, well we received a delicious Ramadan gift, which contained Smallcakes new Saffronic cake and 4 cupcakes.

In the beginning, we couldn’t figure out the flavors of the Saffronic (at the time we did not know what it was called), we guessed orange or orange blossom based on looks, and after tasting: a kunafa layer or aseeda bobar. After further investigation/eating we were stumped by the saffron, loved the combination with pistachio. The sponge is soft and velvety especially the bottom layer, the buttercream is silky smooth and not too heavy or sweet. SAM_1472 The cupcakes are Smallcakes specialty and we were really excited to try them. The Saffronic may have overshadowed the cupcakes by taking a different flavor route. Continue reading Desserts: Smallcakes – a new cupcakery!

Desserts/New restaurant: Ribbons & Balloons Bakery – the best eggless cakes in Dubai

Recently I was invited to a tasting session of a new open in Oud Mehta called Ribbons & Balloons Bakery. The interiors itself are cheerful with pastel pink walls but what’s really eye-catching is the display. There are two separate displays one for normal cakes and the other for eggless cakes! IMG-20150424-03224

We started off with some karak chai and a cappuccino. Both the beverages were just strong enough and went well with the sweetness ahead. Continue reading Desserts/New restaurant: Ribbons & Balloons Bakery – the best eggless cakes in Dubai