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Appliances: Kenwood’s new K-mix collection.

Kenwood recently launched their new K-mix breakfast collection which is inspired by the pop art era – a unique collection expressed through vibrancy. The set retains the fundamental values inherent to the iconic Kenwood brand: quality, durability and reliability.
The new kMix collection includes five must-have kitchen appliances elements: the Kitchen Machine, Blender, Kettle, Toaster and Coffee Maker.
Review specifically on their kettle, toaster and coffee maker.

Sleek exteriors and deep raspberry hues is what the 1 litre jug kettle offers. The unique sure grip makes sure the kettle is easy to use even with wet or greasy hands and a water window for clear visibility. But the icing on the cake is the stainless steel mesh filter which traps limescale and is removable for easy cleaning. Limescale was a serious issue with my previous kettle. This little number is doing wonders for my chamomile tea overdose.

Pistachio toaster love! The toaster actually comes with a super convenient function which is the peek and view – you can actually lift the toast to get a peek at any time without cancelling.

SAM_7827.JPGThe browning control also comes with a defrost setting and an integrated cancel button.

Another cool thing about peek and view, which linked with the variable browning control, is that it will put an end to burnt or underdone toast. After not realizing what setting the toaster is on and ending up with burnt toast 😦 glad that this function puts an end to my worries. It also comes with a stainless steel bun/pastry warmer and toast rack. Warm croissants for the win!

Now the real star of the show is the coffee maker in aqua. This coffee maker produces 6 delicious cups of coffee making sure your mornings are never decaffeinated. Kenwood’s ThermoGen heating technology ensures perfect brewing temperature and OptiTemp keeps the coffee hot, fresh tasting and full of flavor.


An auto detection feature tells you when it’s time to descale the coffee maker and the machine automatically switches its hotplate off after two hours.

Loved loved all the new machines, certainly added a kick to my mornings and midnight teatime =b


Appliances: De’longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef

Recently we were invited to the launch of the new range of De’Longhi multifry multicookers. De’Longhi launched their products in late 2014 and are now launching the De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef


The launch event was hosted at Jones the Grocer where I started my day with some fresh green apple juice.


Chef Osama came up to explain each machine and its use, plus a cooking demo later on. We then received an intro into the De’longhi brand whose slogan is better everyday and we can definitely verify that. The machine itself is easy to use and has a few cool technical specifications:

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Events/Appliances: Recke multicooker launch

Last week we attended the launch of Recke’s new multicooker range at the Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City. Recke is a Hong Kong based brand and is renowned for it’s quality, improved energy efficiency and high levels of freshness – I can definitely vouch for those.
At the event we were treated to a live cooking demonstration by Deepti Chandak blogger at: (nominated for best blog at the ahlan awards yallah go vote). We got to see two demos: stuffed mushrooms with cheese, which were delicious and really easy to make and the scrumptious mud pie which was presented with berries and whipped cream.

All that cooking made us hungry and we decided to tuck into the feast awaiting us! An array of multicookers greeted us and they were brimming with food :O, the food cooked within the multicookers tasted brilliant, loved the minestrone soup, roasted potatoes and apple crumble; the butter chicken and moussaka were also great. Can’t believe all this was made in a multicooker!

As a treat we received the MC-X170 to play with, it comes with a steam container, spoon, ladle, measuring cup and yogurt cup set; it also comes with a recipe book packed with 250 recipes and has 69 programs for you to choose from. Continue reading Events/Appliances: Recke multicooker launch