New restaurant alert: The Collective Grand Hyatt

Most of us ‘Dubai kids’ will remember the Market Cafe in Grand Hyatt, well it is no more. The newly refurbished Collective takes its spot with beautiful interiors, great service and delicious food, and did I mention the jaw dropping dessert counter – it’s a sight not to be missed.

The restaurant consists of 4 sections, all of which could be restaurants on their own, with their own seating style and tableware. Sitting in any of the sections the attention to detail is obvious!

The Collective sports an interestingly different concept, where the menu will never be the same when you dine. Full control is given to the chefs; the daily menu depends on what their mood is or whatever they’re experimenting with.

Drinks from the Beverage Bar: pomegranate peppermint iced tea and a lemon pina colada. They even whip up a mean caramel espresso lassi too :O

Moving onto the food (nothing short of spectacular) from the day we dined. Started off in the Levant Emporium – huge range of fresh salads (favorites being: salad of 2016, mountain tomato salad). The manakeesh and specialty kashkaval cheese honey shawarma were delicious.

The Grill Bar: provides great cuts of meat and roasted vegetables. Kebabs, shish tawook, steak, cheesy and meaty burgers complimented with fries, roasted squash and tangy dips.

The Bombay Cafe with Parsi and Gujrati cuisines, expect to be stuffed with kheema pavs, jardaloo sali margi (chicken with apricots) and patra ni machi (fish enveloped in green chutney and steamed in banana leaves) and much more.

Dessert is a Dubai staple and the Bakery at The Collective doesn’t lack. Massive assortment of cakes (banana, blackberry walnut, coconut etc) gelato (chocolate and mango), Arabic sweets (chocolate baklava/kunafa/basbousa, mamoul etc), sticky date pudding, plum tarts and oh so much more is on offer at the Bakery. They even have a chocolate tap, imagine dunking any dessert of your choice in creamy chocolate! The only hard part is what to choose…

A great dinner buffet for only AED 199 with an a la carte option. Promising a new and different dining experience. #eatlifestories.

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