Desserts: Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar NYC


Having multiple branches across UAE (11 to be exact), Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar makes it’s way to Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile.

I actually got the chance to speak to Alison Nelson herself – who is extremely down to earth and humble. Having started out with writing, poetry and journalism she stumbled into New York kitchens and found her love for chocolate. The first store in New York mainly focused on desserts and sweet treats, for the second store she decided that she wanted chocolate bar to not only be known for their sweet menu and launched a savory menu.

On that note, the all day menu has an afternoon tea set available – with sandwiches, fluffy croissants, savory and sweet pastries. Favorites being: carrot and caramelized onion buttered pastry, kofta sandwich and cream cheese slider


Back to desserts with this classic molten chocolate cake. Warm, dense and rich chocolate cake with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and the kind that’s frozen solid. Good enough for at least 2 people.


Chocolate truffle cake, this one is a little different since the chocolate is runnier with an extremely gooey center. Just look at all that chocolate oozing out, *salivates all over keyboard* The cake itself is also softer and easier to both cut and bite into.


Classic NY fondue, I cannot recall a single time I’ve visited chocolate bar and not ordered their fondue. I personally love it best with the fruits (berries, pineapple and banana). Since it’s lit with a candle it constantly stays hot so be careful (burnt tongues have taught me to wait), you can also burn your tongue when the fondue level is running low as I found out at this visit!


Drinks wise I take my lemon mint seriously, it’s my go to drink. This one was fantastic, perfectly blended with the fresh taste of mint and a slush like consistency. Maybe I should do a best lemon mint round up…


Need a chocolate fix? Head over to Alison Nelson’s coming soon to Arabian Ranches (and branching out into even more of the Middle East), let me know what your favorite dessert is?


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