Events: Foodie Tour of Global Village

Before I get into the food: ladies beware, please don’t wear shorts or skirts to Global Village as they will have you wear (itchy) leggings to abide by park rules. Also Global Village ends this season on the 9th of April 2016. 

Even though Dubai Food Festival has ended, it has extended its reach to the revamped Global Village (which now has a more modern feel). The best way to explore a place in my book is to check out the food, and what’s better than a food trail! (cue slightly evil laugh)

Starting off with a Thai fruit stand opposite the African pavilion, which stocks multiple varieties of Thai fruits (favorites being: green guava and green mango). They also had something called rose apple which tasted like a sweet cucumber which sounds odd but really is the best description.

Fresh coconuts are available too and after you’re done, don’t forget to ask them to crack it open to get to the fleshy bits!


We then headed to the Global Village “food street”. A lot of innovative offerings here like the pizza cones from Kebab and Pizza.

Coming in a total of 4 flavors (vegetarian, margarita, pepperoni and supreme) these pizza cones are nothing short of delicious and easy to eat, minus a little sauce dripping to contend with.

Perfectly grilled kebabs within a fluffy bun bearing: ketchup, mayo and mustard (if you decide to pick all three like me!); not to mention served with the best kind of fries: thick enough.

Witch bar has a Halloween-esque vibe (jack o lanters, skulls, witches, etc) which also extends to the drinks. You have your normal mocktails with a smoky twist (which looks great in photos but involves no addition to the drinks themselves). The Food Festival special is the fizzy pomegranate ‘blood’ IV bag.

Ya weely is primarily a pasta place and does well: veg, chicken, seafood in either fresh tasting red, white or pink sauce; all of which are cloaked in a generous serving of parmesan cheese. A special they had for Dubai Food Festival was the dynamite shrimp popcorn, crispy breaded bits of shrimp drenched in the tangy dynamite sauce.

My favorite stop was the dessert at Balqees konafa. With Lotus biscoff taking over the dessert world, it has finally hit the classic Arab confection. Cheesy konafa topped with lotus spread and crumbled lotus biscuits – I was sold at the first bite, must stake them out. If you’re looking for an extra sugar rush ask for the konafa to be cream instead of cheese, and you also have the option of asking for a half&half Lotus and Nutella – best of ALL worlds.

Taza tea was the last stop for the foodie tour and we ended it with their amazing namesake tea, a great Moroccan at AED 4 only. Their Food Festival special was a  refreshing mixed berry mojito that I loved. Big thumbs up to the staff here.

If you haven’t checked out Global Village yet it’s on until 9th April 2016. Save your entry tickets because they’re running competitions online for its 20th anniversary.


  • Saturday to Wednesday:
    4PM TO 12AM (entry gates close at 11:30pm
  • Thursday, Friday and public holidays:
    4PM To 1AM (Entry gates close at 12:30am)
  • Monday is family day:
    (Except public holidays)

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