Food: Moshi – Barsha’s hidden gem!

Having heard from almost everyone I know that I just have to check out Moshi – I finally did. Last week I ended up at Moshi for lunch in fantastic weather and we kicked off an incredible tasting.

My drink choices mainly revolve around lemon mint (eyes closed if they have lemon mint, it’ll be ordered). The lemon with mint at Moshi is one of the best I’ve tried so far #nounderstatment. There’s a crispy wai wai chaat hanging out in the background too.


Moshi salad – tangy and crunchy a little similar to som tam but with a different twist. Fun experiment to mix it into the wai wai chaat for some epic crunch.

Now when you hear about sushi you automatically will think fish or limited vegetarian options, not the case at Moshi. The owner Mr Rahul took all this into consideration since his parents are vegetarian parents, so there are heaps of options at Moshi. And better yet everything vegetarian is prepared with extreme care including different gloves and color coded dishes, veg = white and orange = non veg. 


The famous cheesy chips oman made with eggless cream cheese was just as good as I’d heard, not being a fan of chips oman flavored items and I still loved these maki rolls! Falafel hummus + cucumber – a few Middle Eastern favorites in a maki roll which is dusted with sesame seeds.

Up next is a new addition to the menu: Moshi dynamite. Doesn’t it look appetizing, ebi prawn crab topped with the dynamite sauce (which can also be served on the side) and tobiko (roe). At first bite you wouldn’t think it’s filled with crab!

SAM_7977A few other veg options the not yet launched (hopefully soon) asparagus and cheese which is quite filling and crispy with the tempura coating.

Another one of Moshi’s new additions are air rolls for those who aren’t big fans of seaweed. The thai green curry air roll was also delicious, filled with marinated mushrooms.


This platter was filled with a selection of non veg maki rolls. For a few of them you can opt for the crispy version which includes a tempura coating on the maki roll or just forgo it altogether.

Prawn tempura and soft shell crab, even though we were full these were still gobbled up. The chicken tikka air roll was tender and slightly spicy.

As for momos these tasted extremely fresh, favorites being: cheese mushroom (pan fried), pero pero chicken, cheesy chicken capsicum and prawn (pan fried).

Veg noodles served with Moshi sauce, these noodles are handmade and made inhouse without a machine, as attested to by the similar but nonuniform noodles. You can really taste the difference which makes them all the more special.


Newly added to the menu chicken sticky fried rice, sounded like an odd combination but went well together.


Milkshakes (kinder bueno, oreo, kit kat, nutella) are rich but not heavy which is a rare find.

As for dessert, Moshi doesn’t disappoint. Soft peanut butter bars, sweet nutella maki rolls and fried coconut momos.


Moshi also works together with Pending Meal providing construction workers meal hence 5% of every bill is towards that initiative.


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