Food: Mantoushe’s revamped menu!

Having heard a lot about Mantoushe, we decided to check it out.

Really loved the quirky interiors, walking in you’ll see magazines stuffed into flower pots, wooden tables with steel high chairs and a proper open kitchen. Since everything at Mantoushe is made in-house, I saw the staff prepping the ingredients and beginning to make the dips.


As for drinks, you can make your own fresh fruit or vegetable juice. Decided on a watermelon which was not watered down at all 🙂 and a mix of carrot and green apple – really fresh and helped to wash down our sandwiches.

They have an option to build your own wrap but I decided to be safe and go for the fantastic pre-built options, since it was our first time at Mantoushe. Mr Draper is a creation built by an actual customer that got so popular they had to add it to their menu!

It consists of: steak, mozzarella and cheddar, spicy potato, lettuce, pomegranate, roasted garlic, salsa verde, peanuts, honey and dijon mustard. There was quite a bit happening in this wrap, not quite sure as to what stood out but it worked well together.

The quinowawa salad was the best quinoa based salad I’ve had so far with soft feta, crunchy pistachios and pumpkin seeds, juicy cranberries and a glazed balsamic!

The taster trio gives you 3 mini sandwiches: steakmous, south baked crisp and fetazee.

I liked the steakmous – tender pieces of steak with soft potatoes on a base of hummus! The south baked crisp – I think the chicken was breaded in cornflakes and the mayo buffalo sauce gives it a kick. Oddly enough my favorite was the fetazee – incredibly fresh and I loved the combination of zaatar, feta, cucumber and pomegranate drizzled with olive oil.


Can’t forget fries can we? These are some sweet pepper fries, sweet potatoes with a thick pepper coating, soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside.

As for dessert the mini cream cheese and honey wrap with some decaf vanilla tea ended the amazing meal on another high note!


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