Food: The Counter – an all American meal!

The Counter recently opened up it’s newest branch in The Dubai Mall and I was happy to find a great burger place close by.

Famous for their burgers (voted LA’s best burger) and the customizable  options on the menu – I decided to make my own milkshake.

My shake consisted of sweet butterscotch, strong espresso and bits of salted pretzels in every sip!

Fries are life, and the offerings at the Counter sure back up that philosophy. Loved everything that was tried: from chili cheese fries with a subtle yet spicy chili with sour cream and onions to complete the dish –  to a sweet and tangy mixture that is sweet sriracha fries with sweet onion and sesame seeds for a crunchy kick. There were also light sweet potato fries with horseradish aioli, onion strings and parmesan shoestring fries. This was definitely fry heaven!

The un-brie-lievable was the perfect burger choice for me, grilled chicken lying atop a bed of mixed greens and tomatoes then topped with a layer of brie cheese and juicy cranberries. This crisp multigrain bread was another winner and the sweet apricot sauce served on the side made this burger seem a little festive!

Tried out the build your own burger which consisted of 1/3 lb ground beef patty with organic greens, spicy pepperocinis, tomatoes, tillamook cheddar, red relish and topped with smoked beef bacon in a hamburger bun.

Overall a fantastic lunch I’m sure my instagram caption summarizes it befittingly – Burgers, iced tea and a date with fries at the newly opened @thecounterme


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