New restaurant alert: Go Gyroz

Go Gyroz is a new Greek open located in Cluster D, JLT. Easy to find, with the bright blue Grecian interiors. The staff is incredibly welcoming and well acquainted with the deceptively small menu.

After a quick run down of their menu, which is divided into sections, they have 4 main sandwiches: the Babylonian bite (Arabian), the Spartan spread (Greek), the Mayan Myth (Mexican) and the Ottoman (Turkish). They also have gyro plates, salads, sides, desserts and with the ‘build your own gyro empire’ – the options are actually endless.

We delved right in and started with one of my favorites from the night the Ottoman – soft doner bread filled with the most tender meat and coated in a smoky roasted eggplant sauce.

The Babylonian bite – arabic pita bread with more succulent meat (a mix of lamb and beef) mixed in a sesame tahini sauce and finished off with fresh vegetables and parsley.
My personal favorite was the Mayan myth – fluffy tortilla bread, creamy guacamole, chipolte salsa mixed with jalapeno spread. Sound delicious, tastes incredible – topped with the meat of your choice.


The Spartan spread – sounds robust but it’s quite a simplistic hearty wrap. The light greek pita bread, caramelized gyro slices and tzatziki make for a deliciously messy combination.

The gyro plate is a great option to sample a bit of what Go Gyroz offers. You get seared meat (I went for chicken) on a bed of warm pita bread and greens as well as veggies, fries and their in house made hummus. The meat here is fantastic no doubt, I also loved their hummus since it has just the right amount of olive oil and lemon blended in.

And for dessert you get 3 options the muhalabia (gelatin like Arabic dessert) infused with rose water and topped with sliced pistachios. Jello and cream where the sweetness is perfectly balanced. Oreo and cream cheese, tastes a little like a cheesecake!


Will go back to get the Mayan on doner bread instead of the tortilla! The make your own section of the menu really does offer endless options and choices.

Now you know where to get your Greek fix with some of the best in house made hummus and sauces!


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