Beauty: Trying out Arcancil’s products

Recently, I tried out Arcancil’s products and was blown away by how long lasting and brilliant they are. Great additions to my regular go to’s.

Starting with the waterproof tattoo lip liner (400 carmin) with a deep crimson color it’s used like a pen so easily applied, the only downside is that it doesn’t come off easily but incredibly long lasting!

Their new range of matt lipsticks called ‘mat hysteria‘ will be releasing in January 2016 with 14 shades and are definitely worth the wait. These beauties (I tried 105 rouge salsa) last for 12hrs – now that’s long coverage with intense color and soft texture. SAM_6082

Rouge blush lipsticks (340 – clair de rose). It’s creamy and light with a silky finish, though not as long as the matt lipsticks. The rosy pink pastel color is quite on point these days.

I used 1 coat of the perfect lash mascara (666 evil black) and my lashes looked almost double the size – definitely a standout. Loved the amount of volume added and the velvety application.

The star liner (507 blue nacré) is creamy and smoothly glides on, providing a vibrant color that instantly goes great with the eyeshadow palette below.


Speaking of the trio cabaret eye shadow palette (102 paree d’Améthyste), it has 3 shades! The dark shade to sculpt the eye, medium shade to give a smoky effect and a light shade to illuminate the eye.


To complete the look an upgraded version of the khôl kajal pencil (001 midnight black), dark and easy to use.


One of my favorite products was the cover match water resistant foundation (050 caramel). It provides amazing coverage and hides any blemishes or imperfections giving off an even tone. Since this color is too dark for me, I mixed it in with my tinted moisturizer (which is too light for me) and it worked like a charm.

SAM_6064To complete the look Arcancil’s poudre delicate (000 universelle) loose finishing powder makes sure your skin doesn’t look shiny and is very light – trust me a full day of events can vouch for that. The great thing about it is that it’s adapts to all skin tones so you don’t have to keep looking for the perfect shade.

How about giving Arcancil a try available at:

Beauty Bay: Mirdiff City Centre

Faces: Dubai Mall

Karji: Etihad Mall


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