S’wich – come for the s’wich stay for everything else.

S’wich’s new branch in Jumeirah 1 (opp Magrudy’s) opened about 2 months back with a new menu to boast. The restaurant can be spotted while driving down the always hustling Wasl Road, while small this place is impressive and an easy new favorite! Completely bowled over, loved it so much will be back very very soon.

The interior of the restaurant is quite quirky without seeming tacky at all. Props to the branding team that makes the restaurant seem naturally witty and inviting.

s'wich (15).JPG

A new launch is the new range of juices which, like everything else in S’wich, are made fresh onsite.

I went for the healthy ‘hulk’ (kale, green apple, cucumber, ginger) and also tried the minted lemonade which requires a good shake or the syrup remains at the bottom.

As for the starters, the recommended new experiments headed our way: lentil salad and beetroot dip.

s'wich (16).JPG

The lentil salad was extremely flavorful, especially when doused with it’s tangy olive oil based dressing.

s'wich (14).JPG

The beetroot dip is served with a crisp baked sumac and chili flakes bread. The dip itself packs a subtle punch, topped with olive oil and nuts – plus it looks incredibly vibrant.

s'wich (7).JPG

S’wich’s concept is that either you can try to make your own s’wich with a variety of toppings, vegetables and sauces. You start off with choosing your bread (white saj or whole wheat saj) or a rocca or lettuce plate if you’re going healthy.
Then move on to 4 toppings herbs are free, 2 sauces and voila your s’wich is created. Or you could choose a ready made option for those who are indecisive. Apart from that the entire kitchen is completely visible so you can watch the chefs whip up a storm while you wait!

s'wich (9).JPG

The duck is extremely popular and I can see why! I went for a duck s’wich on white saj topped with tomatoes, avocado, tomato relish, lettuce and coriander. I sauced it up with sweet chili and chipotle mayo. The caramelized duck meets the creamy toppings and zesty dressing for a fantastic combination.

s'wich (10).JPG

Looking at the menu, I had to try the chicken s’wich. It has been a while since I’ve had a saucy shawarma filled with pickles and fries. S’wich sure hit the spot, it didn’t use mayo or garlic sauce but elevated the classic shawarma to another level with wait for it… truffle sauce.

What goes best with a meal like this the answer will always be fries. Not just any fries though, the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in my life. Chunky yet crispy, acclaimed for a reason. The truffle parmesan fries are the right amount of cheesy contrary to the sweet potato fries these are skinny fries dusted in layers of parmesan.

It isn’t over yet, we still have a rich and decadent dessert to go – the chocolate brownie which is dense and nutty.

s'wich (20).JPG

This was a lunch well spent figuring out a new haunt!


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