Breakfast at Pots, Pans and Boards.

Having raved about this restaurant since my birthday dinner here in September, I’m definitely a fan of Tom Aikens newest open at the end of The Beach Mall. Last time I heard that they would launch breakfast soon, hence another visit and once again I was impressed.

The restaurant is just as beautiful as a remember, when leaving you’ll have some real envy of the decor, could someone please gift me a kitchen as pretty as this restaurant.

I started off my day with some oatmeal soaked overnight in almond milk. Light, creamy with a velvety texture is what my first bite was like – the thick chunky oatmeal is topped with a fluffy cloud of almond milk froth. It’s also served with sourdough covered in guacamole and cecina (salted/air dried) meat, which really packs a flavorful punch.


Their in-house made croissants remind me of their fantastic chelsea buns, crisp yet glazed over and oozing with buttery goodness. Dubai’s croissant game sure has looked up in the last year.

Another great options is the skillet filled with perfectly cooked mendez sausages, a fried egg and ratatouille vegetables. Now only if I could get breakfast like this everyday.

If that isn’t enough motivation for you to check out Pots, Pans and Boards read my glowing birthday dinner review here.


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