Christmas with Paul and Eataly

Last week, we headed to Paul early for breakfast and a media preview of their new Christmas collection. The hustle and bustle of Paul surely doesn’t stop even at 9 am, people gotta get their pastries and coffee.

We started off with a range of their new selections of bread and canapes. Mmm salmon crostini’s and caprese sticks innovatively presented sandwiched between a cherry tomato.

Isn’t this cool, use a huge hollow roll of bread to keep your sandwiches in perfect idea for a picnic, The stuffed croissants were also kept in another fresh bread container – give me a croissant stuffed with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes any day.

How can it be Christmas without some roasted turkey, talk about delicious with tender caramelized meat. The maple glazed salmon was also flavorful with a sweet aftertaste.

Paul also stocks a range of Christmas cakes that you can pre-order at least 24 hours in advance.

paul and eataly (6)

Macarons go great with coffee or air for that matter, favorite flavors include caramel, lemon and vanilla.

We then headed to Eataly which is just a floor down. A short escalator ride later, we were greeted by the vast Italian eatery which has many sections including a gigantic retail area. Eataly famous for making their mozzarella in-house has those little bits of heaven hanging off the roof in a separate see through display.

Huge displays of Venchi chocolates, panettone pyramids and sweet iced chestnuts to really bring the Christmas spirit to life.

paul and eataly (41)

Looking forward to December with this chocolate advent calendar – counting down to Christmas.


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