Seven Sands – modernized Emirati cuisine at its best!

Seven Sands new kebab festival is something that we’ve been looking forward to try ever since our phenomenal iftar here a few months ago! As luck would have it the weather was fantastic and sitting outside on the terrace with a view of the beach and the newly opened beach market which runs till December, was a treat. Seven Sands also has a stand there but more on that later.

Their kebab festival runs until November 15th, hurry while you can still get those delicious chunks of meat.

For drinks, we started off with a sweet and tangy yello bello mocktail with seeds of popping passion fruit.

Last time everyone went crazy for the caramel frappe, the date frappe might be even better! The rich, creamy frappe lined up in a tall glass and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce, nothing better for a slightly rainy day.

Their plain laban also goes great with the kebab dishes.

Roubian kebab – shrimps marinated with lemon, coriander and sweet chili peats served with ghee rice and a spicy chili sauce. The shrimps are easy to cut through and go great with the simple rice topped with caramelized onions and nuts hidden in between.

Kebab barreh – lamb chops marinated with yoghurt and black pepper served with dill rice and mint yoghurt sauce. The lamb chops have this caramelized layer on the outside but are extremely tender on the inside, the meat just melts in your mouth and goes great with the dill rice.

Baker kebab – beef marinated with Arabic spices, served with grilled vegetables, jarjir salad and bubbas BBQ sauce. The jarjir salad was doused in a balsamic vinegar dressing giving it a great kick, the bubbas BBQ sauce was spicy and meshed well with the tender beef.

seven (25)


Camel kebab – camel meat marinated with Arabic masala, saffron and tomato peats served with mathebous rice and labneh sauce. You couldn’t tell it was camel, there isn’t much of a different taste except that it’s slightly chewier that other meats – highly recommended.

As for a vegetarian option the vegetable moussaka is a standout, layers of vegetables separated with pieces of bread and topped with cheese and then baked – love at first bite.

As for dessert, the kunafitna which is an amalgamation of a crisp kunafa base and a light creme brulee topping served with a mango berry sauce. Karak tea accompanied the sweet dessert completing this phenomenal meal.

We also ventured out to the beach market where Seven Sands has a stall which sells fresh beverages and freshly made leqauimat. We had our airy balls dipped in honey, pistachios and kunafa pieces and it was great for the cool weather! Overall another beloved experience at the best Emirati eatery in town.

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