Food: Kempinski Ajman Friday Garden Brunch

Brunches have recently become the weekend norm and Kempinski Ajman has definitely heightened that with their newly launched Friday Garden brunch. The brunch is held outdoors with a beautiful view of the private beach which you can venture onto before or after brunching. Starters and desserts are kept inside but the real deal, which are the different stations, is set up outside – headed up by the restaurants respective chefs.

Wooden picnic tables set up in the grassy garden, lined with pitchers of cooled lemon water and cutlery stuffed into buckets – definitely has that picnic vibe going. For drinks, we ended up with some refreshing lemon iced tea, sweetened to just the right amount. There is also a bar for those who opt for the option!

Onto the food, we first hit up the barbeque station which was serving up some delicious surf n turf. Delicately soft prawns which just melt in your mouth, best had with some garlic sauce, corn on the cob and a baked potato.

There was also wagyu beef being grilled up but the whole cod fish and juicy chicken surely stole the show – this is meat done right!

There are multiple options to pair your grilled meat with at the barbeque sections, be it grilled pineapple, grilled tomatoes, grilled vegetables, baked potato or corn on the cob.

Wait there’s more: multiple sauces, dips and sides await you. Favorites being: guacamole, garlic mayonnaise, gherkins, pickled onions and corn tomato relish! Not done yet there’s also seafood paella – mixed well with the perfect ratio of seafood to rice, making for a perfect bite!

Asian station is where you can get either: calamari, prawn tempura or wok fried noodles (veg/seafood). Big portions here – best for sharing especially the wok fried noodles just saucy enough without feeling heavy.

Did someone say pasta? *raises 2 hands*. Spaghetti, gnocchi, penne rigate and spinach ravioli drenched in either a cream or tomato based sauce. Ended up choosing soft pillowy dumplings known as gnocchi in a tomato based sauce. Not only do they have pasta but they also have calzones :O Will definitely try those next time.

Having been to Bukhara before, we were extremely excited to see what they had in store for us this time and it didn’t disappoint. You’ve heard of chocolate fountains but imagine a ‘malai’ fountain. Dipped our tender chicken tikkas in that incredible creamy, rich butter gravy – now wondering how to set up a ‘malai’ fountain at home.

Chole batura with small puri’s so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and sweet lassi to wash it all down with.

Last station was the Arabic one, customary shawarma and crisp falafel sandwiches but loved the live saj station. Got akawi cheese and zaatar saj which just oozes at first bite.

Funny story when we eventually ventured inside almost stuffed only to realize there were salads and a Japanese station which was waiting for us. Avo nigiri topped with micro greens, lemon jelly and ginger makes for a pretty picture. You would think that just avocado is too simple but the combination works flawlessly due to the fresh avocado and zesty lemon jelly.

That was just food, yes just food,  brunches are where I realize dessert stomachs are real and Kempinski Ajman’s pastry chefs really tempt you here. Cakes, cupcakes, tarts, eclairs, pops, cotton candy, pancakes, you name it they have it prepared and are always restocking with new delicious items.

With too much to try (second visit soon) our favorites were: fruit tart, lemon meringue, chocolate mille feuille and caramel financier!

Live stations include fluffy yet slightly crispy pancakes and live cotton candy with the color of your choice (pink, green, yellow) did I mention that they were as big as your face?

Overall a true treat with something for everyone including the pickiest eaters! The Friday Garden Brunch runs from 1pm – 4pm and is priced at:

Brunch only (excl. beverages): AED 185
Beach and brunch  (excl. beverages): AED 250
Brunch with selected beverages, spirits and beach access: AED 290

Group bookings above 10 pax will receive a discount.


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