Brainscape Games – the ordinary is not what it seems!

Escape rooms are a great new trend here in Dubai; this weekend we ended up trying out Brainscape Games in Bay Square, Business Bay and boy was it fun!

There are two types of rooms: the lounge (of which there 2) and the Da Vinci room. We tried out “the classic lounge 1”, which has the same set up as lounge 2 – so it’s great to compete in teams with. The lounge story basically is that you’ve been locked in this room after being lured by a cult offering a free stay. You need to get out in order to avoid brainwashing and death, in that order!

Now I know the sound of being locked up in a room for an hour doesn’t sound too inviting but while you’re in there, you have to solve clues, riddles and unlock codes which will eventually lead to the key to the room! Time just flies by and we barely made it out alive with just a few minutes left on the clock, with some help from the cluemaster when we were completely stumped.All in all was an amazing family experience, that ticked all the boxes. Everyone had fun, from a mom of 3 to a hard to please teenager.

You can host a company team building event here or a birthday party for which they have a special room, decorated with finesse – fell in love with those top hat lights.

How about stepping into one of these rooms?

Overall Brainscape should definitely be checked out since it’s a cool, fun, indoor activity for all ages! They have 3 rooms: the Classic Lounge 1, 2 and the Da Vinci room. Both are extremely different and I look forward to checking it out soon!

You can find Brainscape at: Room 203, Building 12, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. Online bookings and information at: Social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tripadvisor. Open all week long from 10am – 10.30 pm. Contact details: 04 4387724 Pricing (lowered on weekdays):


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