Events: Coffee is Costa Masterclass + New Menu Additions

Recently, we attended a coffee masterclass for beginners at the Costa Training Academy which we had been looking forward to since we had received the invite! We also got treated to their new menu which is fantastic but more on that later.
The masterclass started off with a short introduction to the Costa brand, a few things to know:

  • Only 1% of the world coffee beans are good enough for Costa.
  • They use fresh milk in their coffee not UHT hence you get a creamier, richer coffee.
  • Their coffees are handcrafted by their expert baristas and not button pushed.

So we started off with Costa’s core skills trainer Gihan explaining how the Costa process works. The espresso – an extremely important base for most coffees – needs to be brewed the right way starting with the grinding of the roasted coffee to the temperature of the water. Each espresso sip has a different flavor – sweet, bitter and then acidic. Making the perfect cup of coffee isn’t an easy task, it takes Costa baristas approximately 200 hours of training!

Their barista’s are extremely talented apart from winning multiple competitions including winning the Global Champion of Champions Barista of the Year twice, they can also sketch your face onto your coffee don’t believe me take a look at the pictures of a few bloggers at the event!

We were taught how to make a flat white including the coffee art which is harder to master than you think!

Well when we tried our hand at it it didn’t turn out quite as what we expected!

Sampling some of Costa’s new menu additions, we loved their new sandwiches and bagels especially the surprising vegetarian options! Other favorites were the chicken caesar wrap, oak smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and chicken pecan and black grape sandwich.

As for dessert Costa really hit the ball out of the park, each and every item is incredible, definitely not what you’d expect.

Their revamped carrot cake was a fast favorite, filled with nuts and dried fruit in-between layers of moist sponge cake and a light but silky cream cheese buttercream.

Up next is the apple custard with a rich butter crumble, a light airy cake filled with chunks of sliced apples. It has a flaky but not too sweet outer coating despite being topped with icing sugar.

Now this was the table favorite even for non chocolate lovers, a four layered chocolate cake which is under 300 calories. It was so soft that it became a little hard to cut, definitely a must try been going back to Costa for this one!

The strawberry cheesecake wasn’t as heavy as we thought it would be, we weren’t big fans of the gelatinous strawberry layer but the base on the other hand – delicious.

The caramel crisp cake is actually crispy we can account to that since we’ve had at least 4 of these this week. The chocolate tiffin is something that you’ve had growing up as a kid the flavors are of a familiar biscuit!

As for the brilliant goodies we received a basket filled with Costa branded items, mmm Costa chocolate bars.

Out of which my favorite was the headphone jack (how cute does my phone look)!

Certificates of completion of the beginners course and a Costa VIP card for a free coffee everyday until November, expect another post with a full review of their drinks menu!

Disclaimer: We were invited to this masterclass but as always our opinions are honest and unbiased.


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