Sponsored Video: Marriott Mobile app

500 Marriot Hotels at my fingertips with the new Marriot mobile app, allows for amazing instant connection before, during and after your stay!  The new mobile request option lets guests request services right from their devices, reminds me of a universal remote – take care of things with an easy swipe! Currently the app works for 46 hotels with full global capability soon this year.
50 million members of Marriott Rewards will be able to use the new app :O . There’s another cool feature being “Anything Else?’ where you actually can chat with the hotel staff  making it a two way interaction. There’s a drop down menu too with most requested services like extra towels and pillows.

So I tried out the new app and honestly I think it’s the easiest way to plan a journey. You can find any Marriott hotel worldwide check availability and best rates. You can also look up a reservation really easily, plus check in and out.

Registering to be a part of Marriott rewards is extremely simple as well, you also get an email explaining everything.

I tried looking up hotels in my area and it worked flawlessly, booking a stay now sure sounds tempting – looking forward to my next stay/staycation. It even shows you the distance from each airport, you can view the hotels in either a list view or a map view.

Download the free Marriott Mobile app from the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play or at http://www.marriott.com/marriott/mobile-apps.mi. Visit Travel Brilliantly to look at the multitude of other ways that Marriott Hotels makes travelling that much easier. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Marriott but as always our opinions are unbiased and honest.


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