Food: Trying out Detox Delight

Over the last weekend at 10:00 am sharp a huge styrofoam box landed on my doorstep filled with goodies from Detox Delight. After reading up on the options that I could go with, I cautiously selected the one day detox and decided to see how that would fare.

These energy balls are delicious, definitely kept me perked up throughout the day.

The soup was more filling than I thought with slightly bland flavors but when you mix in the cashew tomato cream it balances out. Heating it up in a bain-marie took a while since we haven’t done at home in ages.

Main flavors that shine through are the pepper, basil and lemon perfect for lunch or dinner!

As for the juices I tried to pace myself and slowly drink and really ‘chew’ them which was an interesting experience.

The first juice of the day was the lemonade, which was slightly bitter, has a strong taste of apple which later leaves a mint aftertaste.

The second juice was orange, quite refreshing and my favorite of the day, main flavors are orange and red carrot.

The third juice was pink, thicker than the rest and easier to ‘chew’, main flavors are beetroot, carrot and grape.

The last juice of the day was green, which at first sip tastes fine but then the spinach and courgette get too overpowering hence making it difficult to swallow. Main flavors are spinach, courgette and mint.

Overall I’d like to give detox-ing a try again, I did feel slightly lighter. But the next day my head didn’t stop hurting (normal for any kind detox) and all those cold juices may tickle those with a sensitive throat.

Disclaimer: I was sent this package my Detox Delight but as always my opinions are honest and unbiased.


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