Food: Pinch Gourmet – Seriously Good Food!

Pinch Gourmet is a fairly new catering company boasting a wide menu, which will definitely leave you drooling – check out their Instagram here:
We were sent over some goodies which we have to say were oh so good! Hit the sweet spot easily.

Starting with the fantastic salad filled with: edamame, quinoa, dates, cucumber, bell peppers and almonds. One of the best composed salads we’ve tried, we also loved the lemon based dressing, and perfectly balanced = no sogginess!

Isn’t mac n cheese the best comfort food ever, imagine it elevated to mushroom and truffle mac n cheese.
First off, it’s great that it isn’t too creamy and loaded with just the right amount of mushrooms and topped with a crunchy layer of cheese – there was a fair amount of scramble for the last of this deliciousness!

Truffle burgers, with roasted tomatoes, arugula and sharp cheddar. ‘These were devoured pretty fast’ would be an understatement. The piquant sauce provided quite a kick too!

Nutella brownies, gooey bits of heaven with a crisp outer layer and oozing from the inside.

You can contact Pinch Gourmet on: or +971 55 625 0261 for inquiries. You can also check out their mouth watering Instagram page:

Disclaimer: We were sent over goodies my Pinch Gourmet but as usual our opinions are un biased and honest.


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