Food: Nandos – New menu launch!

Recently Nandos unveiled their new menu (on Septemebr 9th know any other special occasion happening that day) which even has options for vegetarians! The Barsha branch is the first licensed Nandos in the UAE.

So we started off with a great iced tea filled with pomegranates and blueberries, talk about refreshing.

Their new roasted pepper dip truly gives the roasted vegetable dip a run for its money, creamy and tangy you’ll definitely want seconds.

And then some chicken wings arrived, nicely flavored and spicy but a little too heavy on the salt.

Mom and I loved their algarve salad which was fresh and simple with sun dried tomatoes, roasted cashew nuts, greens, bell peppers and soft feta cheese.

One of my favorites was the chicken caeser wrap which is said to be a salad in a wrap and they weren’t wrong. Probably one of the crunchiest wraps I’ve ever had, filled with: chicken, sun dried tomatoes, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing.

This plate filled with something for me (chicken pita) and something for mom (roasted veggie wrap) was perfect for the two of us. The chicken pita is incredibly soft and filled with crisp veggies making for a great healthy choice. On that note the roasted veggie wrap is stuffed with a couscous salad, a mild goats cheese, pickled red onions, eggplant, hummus and the red pepper dip, honestly even non vegetarians would enjoy this masterpiece.

A towering stack of chicken and roasted bell peppers could only mean one thing: the espeteda has arrived with a few changes, the chicken itself is coated in cream but still juicy and succulent and the fries oh the fries have been doused with peri peri salt making them even more addictive.

Remember how I was talking about my birthday, so I might’ve gotten another great surprise, while waiting for dessert all the staff was gathered near the bar and everyone got up to take photos naturally I got up too, little did I know that they were gathered up to come full force to my table for a brilliant birthday surprise.

After blowing out the candles with much excitement we decided to dig in. Favorites being the luscious cheesecake, carrot cake and peanut butter slab.

Overall Nandos new menu is something to very much look forward too launching on October 5th!

Nando's - Suite Novotel Mall Of the Emirates Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: We were invited to this media preview but as always our opinions are un biased and honest!


2 thoughts on “Food: Nandos – New menu launch!

  1. Aww..that’s so sweet that they did a birthday surprise (and all that cake looks really good). I haven’t been to Nandos for years, but their chicken is good I think? My husband sometimes buy the sauces and use it on top of everything:)

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