Beauty: LUSH haul!

I absolutely love LUSH. The main thing that I love about LUSH is that they make fresh, handmade products with no chemicals and try to use fairtrade, organic, vegan products when possible. Support causes like recycling, fighting animal testing and many more! After trying multiple products from different ranges, I decided to do a roundup of my favorite items.

My 3 step skin care regime from lush:

1. Angels on bare skin (cleanser) makes my skin feel radiant and super soft. Contains: lavender, rose absolute and almonds. How to use: take a pea sized amount and mix it with water and apply to face do not scrub harshly. AED 75


2. Eau roma water (toner) is used right after cleansing or when I need a little pick me up – hydrates my sensitive skin without causing it to overreact. Contains: rose water and lavender water. How to use: Close eyes and spritz directly onto face or use a cotton pad. AED 95


3. Celestial (moisturizer) which leaves my skin nourished and silky added plus smells fantastic. Contains: dove orchids, almond oil and cocoa butter. How to use: take a dab of the cream and gently rub onto skin. AED 145

One of my favorite scents right now is Lust. The entire collection is fantastic (I own both the solid perfume and the spritzer) and the scent is floral, musky and long lasting. Contains: jasmine and vanilla absolute. AED 250


Since we are talking about perfumes I recently tried out 2 solid perfumes with extremely differing characteristics.
Vanillary has a very sweet summery fragrance. Contains: fair trade vanilla absolute, tonka and jasmine. AED 75
Dirty reminds me of the smell of both grass and the sea and later develops into a slightly woody and floral fragrance. Contains; spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oakmoss and sandalwood. AED 70

A few bath favorites include, The Comforter bubble bar AED 52, A French Kiss bubble bar AED 50 and Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt AED 45.

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything from the Lush team, all of these products have been bought and used by me. As usual honest and unbiased opinions are voiced here!


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