Desserts: Kanafty – a hidden gem for some great kunafa

Recently, I’ve been having an obsession with kunafa, Kanafty has been on my list for a really long time now.
It’s a small place with an open kitchen where you can watch them prepare heavenly goodness, if you want or just ask them to bring it to your car.

They have a huge range of kunafa’s with different types, fillings and sizes. After quite a bit of contemplation, we finally decided to get the khalijia kunafa but then we were confused about the filling – cheese or cream? The server (who was super kind and helpful) told us that you can go for a half and half and that’s what we did. We opted for the mini – 20 AED.
The other sizes are: small – 30 AED, medium – 40 AED and big 50 – AED

The kunafa was extremely fresh, the cheese kunafa was a mix of sweet and salty flavors whereas the cream was crispy and soft, mmm #droolingonmykeyboard. They give you sugar syrup on the side but I didn’t think it was needed plus I thought the portion was good enough for 2 people

I’ve definitely found my new go to kunafa and dessert place, can’t wait to try the other varieties and their baklava.


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