Food: Logma – Modernistic Khaleeji Cuisine at Boxpark!

Logma is open at the fairly new and edgy district – Boxpark, is a welcome addition to the Khaleeji (Emirati) scene. A modern take on homegrown Emirati cuisine. The Logma team has put a lot of thought into their interiors, reminded us of an interesting take on old Dubai.

Berry blast (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry) – fruity and sweet.
Atlantis (lychee, passion fruit, lime) – interesting combination quite tart.
Logma shake (dates, banana, honey) – creamy, rich and not too sweet.
Passion of Arabia (passion fruit, pineapple) – loved the passion fruit seeds that popped with flavor when bit.

Samboosa cheese (cream cheese and spiced chips Oman), having grown up eating chips Oman, we were really looking forward to trying this out and they didn’t disappoint – banking on childhood flavors.

Samboosa vegetable (curry spiced potato and vegetable) subtle flavors and heavily potato filled, hot and cold combination when eaten with the raita.

Who doesn’t love fries, if anyone answers that question with a ‘me’ we will cut you! Just kidding, mostly.
These logma fries were crisp and you can taste the herbs, mainly parsley. Great use of the Khaleeji spices

Pomegranate mozzarella – a refreshing salad with juicy cherry tomatoes and creamy fresh mozzarella.

Quinoa salad – honestly we loved this one, there’s a sweetness from the dates, a crunch from the pistachio and mixed greens, with a lemon herb dressing tying it all together.

Island salad (similar to a fattoush) – the khameer chips are thick and crunchy, the crunch stays through the entire bite which we haven’t seen before. The feta cheese is soft and gladly not too salty, the “logma” dressing reminds us of a zesty balsamic.

Rice dishes were some of the most ordered dishes at Logma – they were at almost every other table and we can understand why.

Logma shrimp rice – seafood lovers rejoice, grilled shrimp sitting atop rice with Khaleeji spices.

Logma chicken rice – perfectly cooked chicken in the flavorsome rice with browned cashew nuts.

Mozzarella sandwich – light and airy, has a good balance of flavors, bread is crisp and spread with a tangy walnut pesto.

Roasted chicken – succulent herb chicken, filled with sun dried tomatoes, gruyere cheese and more of that delicious walnut pesto.

Beef khameer-  stronger flavors than the chicken, the meat itself is tender and has caramelized flavors due to the onions, even non-beef lovers enjoyed this delight.

The best part of any meal = dessert and Logma sure doesn’t fall short.

This is their Khaleeji ice cream (karak, date, lemon saffron). The table was divided over which one was the best since all three were fantastic: fantastic karak tasted truly like karak, date was syrupy, incredibly rich and my personal favorite, lemon saffron covers strong flavors! Imagine all that paired with whipped cream, caramel sauce and nuts!

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Crispy lugaimat with date syrup.

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Lugaimat are crispy deep fried dumplings coated in sesame seeds and date syrup. Hands would not stop!

Chebab katayef – Emirati pancake filled with dates and mascaporne cheese, and lying in a saffron and cardamom syrup paired with vanilla ice cream. One of the richest desserts we’ve had and gobbled up in seconds, even our server was surprised.

Both the Saudi and the Emirati coffee was tried, the Saudi was slightly sweet and had the traditional spices, ginger and cardamom whereas the Emirati coffee was pure coffee, strong and bitter.

Another item we was really looking forward to was the caramel iced karak, trust me this is a must try. Will be coming back for this umpteen times!

On the mention of iced karak if you want something hot aim for the karak tea, tea connoisseur (known as mom) approves.

Thank you Logma for the invite, this visit was thoroughly enjoyed and it looks like we’ve found a new family haunt now to figure out what those amazing Khaleeji spices are!

Disclaimer: We were invited to Logma for a tasting session but as always our opinions remain honest and unbiased.


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