Food: Friday Family Brunch at Flavors on Two, Towers Rotana

Flavors on Two has made quite a name for itself over the years, we decided to head there for the Family Friday Brunch!

Just taking a tour of the restaurant made us feel overwhelmed, so many choices that will appeal to any palate!

Walking in, the first thing that catches your eye is the bread section.

So many salads! We decided to divide and conquer – loved almost everything we tried.

A fruity, tangy choice would be the beetroot salad – beetroot, sweet pumpkin and oranges.

Another great choice would be the mushroom tikka salad – button mushrooms coated in a spicy marinade.

The simple combination in the tomato mozzarella salad with basil was fantastic.

Another fast favorite was the roasted potato salad with a rich pesto.

Another simple salad was the greek salad, the fresh mozzarella was a nice touch but we would’ve liked a stronger dressing to kick up the flavors.

We also loved the fattoush from the Arabic section, and if you’re not satisfied with all that there’s also a make your own salad section.

Other options include: pasta salad, sweet potato salad, waldorf salad, marinated crab salad, beef carpaccio, marinated clam, smoked salmon, rocket with mushroom, roasted beef with asparagus and marinated baby cuttlefish salad.

They even had a few Asian sections: sushi, sashimi, fresh seafood and dimsum! I tried a few maki rolls which were well liked. Vegetable and seafood dimsums are also available recommended to try with soy sauce and sweet chili sauce.

For mains, we enjoyed the yellow lentil with white rice – a classic combination with subtle flavors. But the standout was definitely the kalbi beef – packed with simplistic flavors!

Another section filled with great options, liked the potato kibbeh which was different from the norm and the cheese sambousek. We also liked the tandoori chicken salad and prawn tempura.

The meat for the tandoori and kebab salad is grilled right in front of you, sitting in a pretty glass case waiting to refill empty plates.

One of our favorite stations was the live Mongolian barbecue – you get to choose your meat/vegetables and watch it grilled in front of you! The chef created an amazing sweet chili, soy sauce chicken with baby marrow, carrots and cabbage – we went back for seconds.

Anybody up for some cheese? There’s a huge cheese counter with different cheeses (cheddar, gorgonnzola, emmental, brie etc) and accompaniments.

The best part of brunch sure is dessert and after that incredible meal we sure didn’t want to miss out what great options that were in store for us!

We started with the fresh and healthy fruit salad, moved on to the addictive creme brulee with a hint of coffee (the crowd loved it so much it was too destroyed for a picture 😦 ).

The crumbly dates coffee tart and mango flavored blueberry romanoff are recommended.

Other desserts including: moist chocolate marquise cake, dry lemon almond torte, assorted cupcakes, assorted arabic sweets, fruity pineapple upside down cake, chocolate brownie, rich chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse cake and a tangy mixed berry crumble.

And last but not least a chocolate fountain, we dipped a rock solid eclair which was interesting and an extremely fresh pineapple – remember we are now infatuated with pineapples covered in chocolate!

Ended with some detoxing tea and waddling out of the hotel quite happy with that excellent brunch!

The Family Friday Brunch costs 185 AED inclusive of soft drinks, 225 AED inclusive of house beverages and children under 12 dine for free.

P.S: For all parents out there you don’t have to worry since they have a huge play room for children filled with finger foods

Disclaimer: we were invited to try out the Family Friday Brunch but our opinions are unbiased and honest.


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