Dessert: Dip n Dip in Arabian Center – a taste will definitely make you :)

Want huge delicious desserts covered in the chocolate sauce of your choice? Then definitely head to Dip n Dip. Don’t worry about it being filled up, just walk over to their other branch which is right next door! We were lead there after trying to get a table at the outlet right next to the food court.
The interiors itself are of a cafe but we really liked the protruding Dip n Dip signs on the ceiling of the much bigger outlet we were in. Selfie is up on snapchat: emanqadeer.

We started off with a few drinks: a cool iced cappuccino, a thick sweet double shot coffee milkshake, a black tea and a tea n milk.

Waffle time and the dip n dip waffle is no exception, served with strawberries, kiwi, banana, pineapple and an optional ice cream. Their waffle is really soft and light and we were really glad that the milk chocolate wasn’t too heavy. You may think that pineapple, kiwi and chocolate don’t go together, trust us they do, the fact that they were gobbled up first proves that point. Recommended to try it with the vanilla ice cream = killer combination. Wanna watch the chocolate cover everything check out the video below:

The classic decadent dip n dip brownies, delivers promises being decadently chocolaty. A crunchy chocolate brownie with dark chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint. Please tell me what more you’d like in life! The end bite of mint is a refreshing palate cleanser!

Fettuccine crepe, the portion itself is huge, airy crepes cut into pieces and drenched in a thick milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream. A deadly dessert recommended to be shared.

The dip n dip crepe is loaded with fruits and then topped with selected chocolate, white in this case. A perfect choice if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by cocoa. The fruits bring out their natural sweetness and the combination of light crepe, creamy white chocolate and fresh fruits work brilliantly together.

For the chocolate fondue our accompaniments were cream puffs and strawberries. The fondue itself is quite rich and could be mistaken as an extra large chocolate shot! The fluffy cream puffs were an instant favorite.

In dip n dip all items are topped with the chocolate of your choice (white, milk or dark), we weren’t brave enough to choose all three. None of the items are overly sweet which is hard to find so the next time you have a dessert attack you know where to go!


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