Desserts: Chikalicious – a hidden gem in The Village Mall, Jumeirah

Doesn’t the idea of a dessert bar sound fantastic, hence I introduce Chikalicious which offers a 3 course dessert bar menu. Can you imagine having a meal of just dessert which is not overwhelming since nothing is overly sweet.

Chikalicious first caught my eye because they offer dough’ssants (donut+croissant) which are different from cronuts. Cronuts are fried dough’ssants are double baked. They have three sizes: mini, medium and large. Recommended flavors: creme brulee, pistachio, oreo; for Lotus lovers there is also a brand new Lotus dough’ssant. Side note: they also have eclairs!

Lotus is the biscuit that has taken Instagram by storm. This Eid all I could see everywhere were Lotus biscoff desserts.
My first dessert of the afternoon was the Lotus chocolate cake; a moist cake with Lotus icing (Chef’s Dave own brilliant recipe) and topped with crisp Lotus biscuits.


Kunafa cheesecake has also been steadily growing in popularity, Chikalicious has a new angle since, the kunafa vermicilli is on top and held together by the sugar syrup which may be slightly hard to break but is totally worth the fork struggle.


Lotus rice pudding – uses arborio rice (so the grains are quite thick) which is lathered in pudding and Lotus sauce which makes this a gluttonous rice pudding. Also look how pretty the candied swan is.

Crack pie is odd sounding but won us over completely as the table favorite while being the simplest dessert tried. Best pie we’ve had, and it doesn’t have any flavoring other than oatmeal.
The base is hard but the top is very gooey since it uses Lotus spread.


The Lotus crepe cake was made in honor of our kind server Jennifer who celebrated her birthday with her favorite Chikalicious dessert. This crepe cake has 21 layers of just crepe sandwiched with Lotus spread.

The cake itself is smooth and you can taste the Biscoff. Even though the visit was very Lotus heavy (we only realize this now) we didn’t feel it, everything had balanced flavors.

I’ll end with a few close ups of the Lotus desserts and end on this note – if you want dessert head to Chikalicious, they have a very hands on approach and do very specific customization!

Disclaimer: We were invited to sample some of Chikalicious dishes but as always our opinions are honest and unbiased.


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