Food: Eggspectation, The Beach JBR

Dinner this week was at Eggspectation, since I’m not well versed with the Beach Mall it took us a while to find Eggspectation; it’s right in the beginning opposite Hilton Hotel.

The restaurant itself was spotted a mile away and has beautifully rustic interiors with barren chairs painted white and bright light bulbs making the scene instaworthy! The restaurant sticks to the white color scheme throughout which is quite a refreshing change.

I was really looking forward to drinks and they didn’t disappoint. We tried the refreshing page, a tropical paradise which was a fruity mix and the balanced green light.


The crispy breaded onion rings were extremely soft on the inside!

Montreal poutine: fries topped with gravy and cheese curds what more would you want from life, trust me these were addictive.


Choosing a salad was a hard decision, should we go with the Californian which has avocado or the greek country style which has the perfect summer fruit: watermelon.
The summer choice won, loved the fresh fusion of watermelon and feta cheese elevating the regular greek salad.


Perfectly grilled salmon served with mango salsa atop a bed of sauteed spinach was a striking main dish. Combinations worked well here too with some subtle spinach and sweet salsa.

Mediterranean flatbread is a great veggie option, a crisp flatbread filled with Italian flavors, quite a big portion and comes served tradtionally on a wooden board.

The dish that I was most looking forward to was the fried chicken n waffles, served with arugula salad and maple sryup. I think the best dish of the night, even the vegetarian momma took 3 pieces of the juicy, crunchy chicken. The arugula salad also had the best sweet and sour dressing – get me a salad of this any day. I haven’t even talked about the maple syrup yet, a sweet, smoky syrup which we wouldn’t mind drowning in. Doesn’t this double as dessert?

Overall we think it’s a great new addition to our regular joints to visit. Too stuffed to try dessert, but next time we’ll give it a try; already grinning at the thought of strawberry smile (balsamic strawberries over vanilla ice cream and pine nuts).

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Disclaimer: we were invited to review Eggspectation but as always our opinions are honest and unbiased!


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