Food: Peruvian iftar at Tesoro, Taj Dubai.

Tesoro is a new open in the Taj Hotel, Business Bay. Since Tesoro specializes in Peruvian cuisine, I was super excited to check out their iftar offering. The restaurant itself is drop dead gorgeous with everything perfectly placed: lights, bonsai trees, lanterns etc. I especially loved how the bar area was set up with vases and glasses of every size and color.

We started off with some traditional juices, I personally loved the karkade and my sister liked their laban. They also had mocktails, we tried out 2. Drink 1: corn juice, green apple and pineapple, it was interesting but with every sip the flavors kept changing.
Drink 2: lemon mint, this refreshing drink uses all of the lemon even the skin!

As we walked in the first thing that caught my eye was the ceviche counter, it was huge and filled with multiple choices. The ceviche was flavorsome and tangy – loved the dressing. The veg maki (avocado, bean sprouts) and salmon maki were great; the potato terrine packed with Amarillo spice melts in your mouth to create a combustion of flavors.

First starter was the in-house made fluffy corn bread with dips like avocado salsa and amarillo butter, was the highlight of what made up the perfect bread station. For the salad section, they had a mix of everything since Peruvian cuisine is influenced by many cultures (there are a lot of expatriates in Peru).

Soft purple potato salad,  fruity watercress salad, fast favorite quinoa salad, the mild beetroot salad with goats cheese were a few of my favorites on offer. Arab salads like muhammarra, baba ghanoush, hummus, moutabal and shanklish were also included. Oddly enough Tesoro even executes Arabian delicacies with finesse. SAM_1834 Legumes and beans are a core part of Peruvian cuisine and the quinoa soup was an instant hit; creamy and rich – still homely.

For main courses, there were classic Peruvian dishes but they also have a few international dishes and the quintessentially Arab lamb ouzi. Some favorites were: crispy arabic spiced rice, juicy chicken and beef anticucho, velvety honey zaatar glazed potatoes, flavorsome vegetable saltado, perfectly seasoned lomo saltado (some of the best beef we’ve had), simplistic vegetable quesadillas, silky smooth dory with amarillo lemon butter sauce and the succulent pollo brassa.  SAM_1764 Doesn’t the dessert counter look tempting? Since we arrived early, we watched them set it up and had a little chat with the helpful chefs!

There was a lot of dessert and gladly none of it was too heavy. They had so many options and we loved them all: baked cheesecake, um ali, corn and mint creme brulee, mango sago pudding, baklava and cream filled baklava.
Sad to have not tried the white chocolate lollipops and we missed out on churros (they weren’t there *runs away and cries into pillow*).

Overall one of the best iftar buffets I’ve been too with a lot of variety not just the same old traditional dishes! Priced at AED 195 per person from sunset till 9:30 pm.

Disclaimer: we were invited to this iftar buffet but as always our opinions are unbiased and completely honest we stand by the fact that we think this is one of the best iftar buffets Dubai has to offer.


2 thoughts on “Food: Peruvian iftar at Tesoro, Taj Dubai.

  1. This year I’ve been away for most of Ramadan, and I’m also usually not a fan of buffets but it’s fun to read about the different places you try. Which one has been your favorite until now this year?

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