New restaurant alert: Beavertails on Kite Beach, Jumierah

Finally found our way to Kite Beach after a killer iftar courtesy mom. Didn’t find Salt though, was apparently on the other side but did find the newly opened Beavertails. It’s a tiny little place on the beach, next to all of the trampolines, but don’t let its size fool you.

The new import from Canada doles out the best poutine we’ve ever had, in a vegetable gravy nonetheless! Purists may argue for the meat, but this is as good as it gets for me and vegetarian mom. Even their hot dogs eschew the bun for their world-famous pastry – succlent meat wrapped in a crispy pastry then deep fried :O SAM_1415 The sweet pastries were a complete surprise, as they were quite innocent looking. The fig delight was crunchy and sweet had more of a jam taste. The killalo sunrise (cinnamon, sugar, lemon) was a shocker, the flavors aren’t overpowering and it’s super soft and easy to tear away: definitely recommended.

Mom got the strawberry smoothie, while my sister and I shared the mixed berry smoothie. Both of these were sinfully heavy and creamy – just the way smoothies should be!

We taste tested most of the gelatos and tried out their fantastic chocolate frozen yogurt and lemon & mango sorbets. The cold treats themselves are amazing, all the flavors were well liked.

But for me the red velvet gelato was an instant favorite – not too sweet and had a hint of cream cheese. Overall it was the perfect after iftar treat, still craving the poutine and killalo sunrise.

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