Appliances: De’longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef

Recently we were invited to the launch of the new range of De’Longhi multifry multicookers. De’Longhi launched their products in late 2014 and are now launching the De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef


The launch event was hosted at Jones the Grocer where I started my day with some fresh green apple juice.


Chef Osama came up to explain each machine and its use, plus a cooking demo later on. We then received an intro into the De’longhi brand whose slogan is better everyday and we can definitely verify that. The machine itself is easy to use and has a few cool technical specifications:

Surround heating systemSHS (Surround Heating System) delivers exceptional performance as it surrounds the food with heat to cook it evenly. The upper heating element and fan deliver uniform heat from the top, while the lower heating element delivers heat from the bottom, and the removable mixing paddle takes care of stirring the food automatically. SHS is an exclusive technology, developed by De’Longhi, to make the Extra Chef the most advanced, low-oil cooking appliance available.

The automatic paddle
The automatic motion of the paddle gently mixes food and permits cooking without any need to manually stir food. The exclusive design of the heating elements allows the use of the Extra Chef without the mixing paddle (static cooking), which allows for greater flexibility.

As part of the event we were treated to a fun cooking demo, media and blogger friends were split up into 4 teams. Each team made a dish: beef shawarma, chicken tikka and umm ali within 20 minutes (including plating).

Our team with another mother-daughter duo from Cuddles n Crumbs made the umm ali!

The recipe itself it quite easy.
1. Chop up the croissants add the pistachios, coconut, raisins, butter and mix, with boiled milk stir in sugar until dissolved.
2. Scatter the croissant mixture in the De’longhi bowl without the paddle and pour in milk spreading it evenly.
3. Close the lid, set the thermostat dial to position 3. press the bottom heating element and press the on/off button and cook for 20 minutes.
4. Whip cream to soft peak, add the clotted cream and spread over top,
5. Close the lid, set the thermostat dial to position 3. press the bottom heating element and press the on/off button.
6. Bake for 5 minutes or until the desired degree of browning has been reached.

Plate up your umm ali with berries or nuts and it’ll turn out like this! (photo above).


Do you see that innocent looking spice bottle, after a little cooking we had to guess what were the 9 spices in the bottle. Honestly it looks like an easy task but it wasn’t :S

We ended up using the machine a few times for iftar this week. We only got to take a few photos since the food was almost instantly gobbled up.

We tried out cheese samosas which were made it in less that 15 minutes, recommended to flip them halfway. Our entire family liked them much better in the multifryer, there wasn’t an oily taste, the cheese wasn’t too salty plus we didn’t have to hover over and watch them like hawks. Plated using Anaasa range from Panache disposables.

The multifryer can take upto 1.7 kg of fries, we tried out barely 500 g; they took 24 minutes, paddle was used as it stirred the fries so didn’t need supervision. The fries itself were crisp and we could really taste the potato.

If you’re in a rush or just confused the De’Longhi recipe book app is there to help with heaps of recipes for every palate.

Overall it’s a fantastic machine, a space and time saver. The De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker Extra Chef is now available across all leading electronic goods stores and hypermarkets across key countries in the Middle East, at a base of AED 899.

Disclaimer: even though we received the multifry multicooker are opinions are as always unbiased and we honestly recommended this device especially for Ramadan or really any event.


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