Food: Iftar at the Palatian Pavilion Emirates Palace

Recently I received an invite to the media iftar preview at the special ramadan pavilion tent at Emirates Palace in partnership with NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi). I don’t think the opulent 7 star hotel needs and introduction. The Pavilion tent was constructed in 30 days and doesn’t feel like a tent at all; the tent itself is stunning and can house upto 800 guests, the perfect place to break your iftar in style.

You’ll see white tables with gold plates, bowls of figs, dates and oranges. 4 majestic maglises, a huge buffet iftar and upon entry you’ll be offered multiple drinks of your choice (jallab, qamruddin, tamar e hind etc) and a view of the live sitar player. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound impressive.

Moving onto the glorious food and there was a lot of it. Starters itself were out of control and oh so brilliant.

If you’d like to start off with soup there’s some creamed selfish bisque and lentil soup with lemon croutons on offer. Or you could just jump right into the abundant starters with something for everyone. Trying a bit of everything seems like an impossible task, even if you take a spoonful I highly doubt you can finish off everything in one sitting.

Out of the items that I did try I loved: creamy labneh balls, zesty tabbouleh, crispy fried cauliflower, tangy stuffed vine leaves, arabic cheese salad, (a very different) fattoush, grainy moutabal, potato harra, spicy muhammara, fresh greek salad, cheese sambousek, one of the best spinach fatayers I’ve had, interesting eggplant makdous, baba ghanoush and crunchy falafel. Don’t worry this was shared between 2 people and they even had more starters :O *ghost face emoji*

Main courses are plentiful too, but sadly I didn’t get to try most of them as I was lustfully gazing at the desserts counters. #droolingonmyphone

And now we get back to reality (more like the main courses), they have a huge range of options with: flavorful chicken biryani, succulent marinated lamb chops with natural jus, bbq roasted chicken, eggplant rice, saj bread filled with spinach, eggplant mousska with lamb, marinated fresh hammour kebabs, roasted whole chicken, camel salona, fish nacheif (from the emirati restaurant Mezlai), baby lamb thareed, chicken harries, traditional whole ouzi and roasted hammour. Trust me it’s a lot of food and I barely tried the main courses but can vouch for the bbq chicken, saj bread, hammour kebabs, ouzi, and harries.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, honestly the desserts were psychotically good. I loved the umm ali, osmaliya kunafa, toffee pudding, raspberry cheesecake, baklava and fresh fruits.

Only later did I realize that they had 3 chocolate fountains, on a last minute whim I just picked up a strawberry and decided to dunk it head first into the white chocolate fountain. Don’t believe me watch the video below.

Doesn’t that look heavenly, I loved how sweet and fresh the strawberry was (having a light layer of white chocolate didn’t hurt).

Overall a beautiful Ramadan tent with delicious food, perfection at its best! By far the best iftar I’ve attended.

Disclaimer: even though I was invited to the media iftar preview my opinions are as usual unbiased.


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