Food: Bookmunch Cafe – feeding both the soul and the mind!

Last Saturday we headed to Bookmunch for dinner, it’s located in Wasl Square, near Safa park. Caution there is a lot of construction happening in that area due to a new project called the Safa Water Canal.

Moving on, we started off with the minty lemon cooler and fresh pineapple juice.


We decided to share the fresh and warm combo in which you can choose a soup and salad. We went for: carrot and pumpkin soup and quinoa salad. The soup was rich and flavorsome, may sound like an odd combination but the flavors work well together especially with the croutons. The quinoa salad was excellent, crunchy broccoli, green beans, peas topped with heaps of earthy quinoa and finished with a zesty dressing.


Mom opted for the old fashioned labneh sandwich which was packed with delicious flavors. Their labneh was extremely fresh and tart. The sandwich itself was a grilled olive ciabatta covered in labneh and topped with onion, tomatoes, zaatar, cucumber and mint; honestly was a fantastic combination wowed us both over but too big to finish in one sitting.


I decided to try the jerk chicken with mango salsa another huge dish but this time from the seasonal specials menu! The juicy succulent chicken was served atop a bed of addictive rice and topped with a sweet mango salsa (also provided on the side). The mango salsa was so good that even mom loved it; over in a flash.


Dessert was a sticky toffee pudding which was a phenomenal medley of flavors; crumbly toffee pudding, creamy mascaporne cheese, sea salt and all of it drenched in heavenly caramel sauce! And now we are craving date pudding at 12 am…


You can check out their seasonal specials, the ricotta pancakes and gluten free options look really interesting, will definitely check it out soon but must go back for that sticky toffee pudding it’s what dreams are made of and will be haunting ours!


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