Afternoon Tea at Aspen by Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

We were quite excited to try out Aspen’s afternoon tea since it isn’t served in the typical manner – it’s served in a chest of drawers which differs from the norm but was an extremely fun experience for us.

The restaurant itself is elegant and inviting; loved the green, white and orange color scheme. The service is top notch too with the manager visiting every table checking in to make sure everything is tailor-made to the customer’s requests.

As soon as we walked in, the counters brimming with cakes instantly caught our attention: drool worthy! But we’ll talk about the glorious cakes later on.

Doesn’t this chest of drawers look amazing, a super unique idea finished with the usual Kempinksi finesse. This afternoon tea also revolves letting you choose where to start off: savory or sweet.

We’ll start with the scrumptious savory sandwiches. The buffalo mozzarella cherry tomato soft taco was well loved. The cucumber salmon with cream cheese sandwich was flavorsome and the salmon wasn’t too overpowering.

These turkey ham and cheddar cheese rolls were also brilliant. The smoked meat meets the sharp cheese and makes for a trusted combination.

Another favorite was the prawn salad on rye and these club sandwiches. Both of these were juicy and gobbled up immediately.

The desserts were phenomenal, the fruit puff pastries were proclaimed to be SO good that the co-blogger had them both #whymom. Anyway the pound cake was delicious but on the heavier side.

One of our favorites was the coffee eclair, soft and not over filled just pure perfection! All chocolate enthusiasts will love the silky chocolate mousse.

This ‘drawer’ was the most loved out of them all, a luscious pistachio melon cake which was psychotically good and the must-have baked raspberry cheesecake which was exquisite. Have I fan-girled enough to convince you? Definitely need to come back for these!


The afternoon tea also contains of 4 enjoyable scones (2 plain, 2 raisin) and served with lemon curd (my favorite), raspberry jam (mom’s favorite) and whipped butter!

You also get to choose from a huge range of luxury Tchaba designer tea. Mom went for ‘paradise‘: white tea, green tea, lemongrass, rose petals; paradise may seem slightly bitter and a little too floral but overtime will win you over.
I on the other hand chose ‘temptation‘: black tea, orange slices, barberries, petals; temptation was a slightly sweet tea with a laidback vibe (can teas have vibes?)
Both the teas went well with the finger food and were recommended by our ever so nice server.
Since the afternoon tea already comes with so many sweets, the stand of cookies and meringues aren’t usually served but are left for the tea service, favorites from those were the chocolate and butter cookies!

All in all we were very impressed with the afternoon tea! 150 AED per person and 250 AED per couple.

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Disclaimer: We were invited to try out Aspen’s afternoon tea but considering how much we loved it, we’ll definitely be back soon for another mother-daughter outing!


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