Food: Iftar preview at Seven Sands The Beach JBR

We were invited to an iftar preview at the newly opened Seven Sands located at The Beach Mall JBR.

The restaurant itself is drop dead gorgeous, the lower floor brings you a blast from the past with their beautiful history wall and the bar area is adorned with seven spices! The upper level has a more modern feel and also has a terrace with a killer view – perfect for winter nights.

Another fun fact about Seven Sands is that it actually has seven sands from the seven emirates in different colors.

For drinks we both got the refreshing yellow bello: passion fruit, basil leaves, fresh lemon juice and soda water.

The hummus, moutabal and dar al hay salad were a few of our appetizers. The hummus tasted different (don’t worry in a good way 🙂 ), the moutabal was creamy and delicious whereas the dar al hay salad was fresh and tangy.

The baked kibbeh were great, crispy from the outside but still juicy on the inside. The grilled halloumi was my weakness – exceptional plus it wasn’t too salty which is really hard to find! IMG-20150525-03810 We also tried the lentil soup (shorbat addas). I’m usually not a big fan of lentil soups since they’re usually bland and not filling but boy did Seven Sands prove me wrong; the soup was rich and flavorful and we loved the local lime and croutons. seven sands Main courses were another traditional feast! Vegetable thareed (top left), lamb mansaf (top right), harris (bottom left), shrimp fouga (bottom right).

Our favorites were:
Vegetable thareed – incredibly flavorsome with soft vegetables atop bread which soaked up the spicy stew.
Harris – the best harris we’ve had to date, an amazing velvety texture, left us wanting more.

Both the sulemani and karak teas were fantastic and just sweet enough, also loved the presentation style. The umm ali was interesting had a tad bit too much of rose water for our palates. The aseeda bobar (pumpkin puree with cardamom and saffron) was excellent, warm, sweet and downright delicious!

A beautiful restaurant infused with both traditional values and modern history packed with glorious food overlooking the beach #perfection! Come on down maybe we’ll run into each other in Ramadan (btw we’ll be a party of 5).

Disclaimer: we were invited to this iftar preview but as always our opinions remain unbiased!


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