Events/Appliances: Recke multicooker launch

Last week we attended the launch of Recke’s new multicooker range at the Radisson Blu, Dubai Media City. Recke is a Hong Kong based brand and is renowned for it’s quality, improved energy efficiency and high levels of freshness – I can definitely vouch for those.
At the event we were treated to a live cooking demonstration by Deepti Chandak blogger at: (nominated for best blog at the ahlan awards yallah go vote). We got to see two demos: stuffed mushrooms with cheese, which were delicious and really easy to make and the scrumptious mud pie which was presented with berries and whipped cream.

All that cooking made us hungry and we decided to tuck into the feast awaiting us! An array of multicookers greeted us and they were brimming with food :O, the food cooked within the multicookers tasted brilliant, loved the minestrone soup, roasted potatoes and apple crumble; the butter chicken and moussaka were also great. Can’t believe all this was made in a multicooker!

As a treat we received the MC-X170 to play with, it comes with a steam container, spoon, ladle, measuring cup and yogurt cup set; it also comes with a recipe book packed with 250 recipes and has 69 programs for you to choose from.

The machine itself is really easy to use and child friendly. We really liked the 5L non stick ceramic coated bowl that came with handles hence no burning hands here! The touch screen was easily operated giving us full control with the time and temperature. After reading the instructions and setting up the recke gadget we tested the water with a simple recipe: mashed potatoes which turned out to be amazing.

The next recipe was a potato soup (potatoes were in abundance this week) where I peeled and chopped the potatoes into chunks and put them in the soup function, they were done in 20 minutes :O. I didn’t have to keep checking up on them (unlike the stove) instead I relaxed and read a book! Once they were done I mashed them up and put in a ton of spices, made three different bowls experimenting each time *evil laugh*. The first bowl was eaten with just salt and pepper, oddly enough the pepper evoked a vinegar-esque flavor, next bowl had the addition of fiery red chili and the final bowl had the inclusion of nigella sativa (kalongi in hindi/urdu) mixed herbs and lemon.

The recke multicookers are also great for steaming vegetables (bottle gourd, broccoli, cauliflower etc). Mom’s already planning to use it for appetizers and a few main dishes in Ramadan, maybe we’ll experiment with desserts too. Next recipe to try is the breaded zucchini will update soon! Btw mom also fell in love with the bread maker (she’s been obsessed with having fresh homemade bread). Prices range from 299 AED to 649 AED which we don’t think is too bad since it’s super handy and comes with a 3 year warranty! Recke products are available for purchase here:

Disclaimer: we were invited to this launch event but as always our opinions are unbiased and honest!


4 thoughts on “Events/Appliances: Recke multicooker launch

  1. I’m really intrigued by all sorts of kitchen appliances, and if my husband weren’t here to stop me, I would fill my kitchen with multi-cookers, ice-cream makers and bread baking machines:)

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    1. Haha so would we, I’d get a cotton candy maker too though! We’ve been meaning to buy a bread maker plus I want one of those fancy mixing machines from Kitchen Aid. XD


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