New restaurant alert: Paavo’s Pizza

We’ve been hearing a lot about Paavo’s Pizza on social media and were super excited to try them out. Onto the pizza party! paavos We started off with some sides, all of theirs are baked and oil free :O
potato waffles (top left), potato wedges (top right), garlic cheese bread (bottom left), bread-sticks (bottom right).

Everything was excellent, the potato wedges and waffles were crispy, the garlic cheesy bread had a slight hint of oregano and was super soft.
The bread-sticks were fluffy and dusted with parmesan cheese and spices (mom’s favorite).
The dipping sauces were also good, the buffalo and barbecue packed a liquidy punch whereas the garlic and marinara were more neutral.

We also tried out their fresh garden salad with Italian dressing and the succulent grilled chicken salad, both were fantastic. IMG-20150516-03625 This is a ‘pizza your way’ – you get to choose 5 ingredients and it’ll be ready in 5 minutes. I opted for: marinara sauce, a blend of mozzarella & parmesan cheese, topped with pepperoni, roasted bell pepper & onions, black olives and baby spinach. Honestly it was love at first bite: just perfect.

The half and half pizzas reign has begun.

IMG-20150516-03622This was a meat paavo and a bbq chicken on multigrain crust. The meat paavo was meaty and flavorsome! The bbq chicken was as good as any take on the classic I’ve had, great blend of ingredients, the smoky barbecue sauce meets juicy grilled chicken that is topped with garlic ranch sauce – what’s not to love! IMG-20150516-03634Oddly one of vegetarian leaning mom’s favorites was the buffalo chicken which is slightly spicy and packs bold flavors due to the buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, crushed red pepper and garlic ranch sauce all in one pizza :O.
One of my favorties was the pepper jack turkey which doesn’t have a sauce but a blend of cheese and turkey instead, loved the addition on green olives and jalapenos. IMG-20150516-03647 I quite liked paavo’s finest which is like a more veggie filled Italian brother of the meat paavo. The 3 cheese also packs a quiet punch, I like the fact that it’s still not too cheesy! IMG-20150516-03648 Don’t these 2 pizzas look alike! We loved the paavos garden (extra garlic ranch sauce all the way), it was extremely fresh and not your boring vegetarian pizza. The asian chicken was also fantastic: with grilled chicken, roasted onion & bell peppers and a tangy asian sauce.

Our final pizza is the peppi paavo and margarita. You can’t really go wrong with these all time favorites/classics, but they were still incredible #nomnomnom!

Their chocolate pizza is super tempting contains chocolate sauce (not nutella for once!), fresh strawberries and bananas with an icing sugar swirl. This dessert made me love bananas.


This is their new limited edition apple pie (grab one while you can it’s to die for). Usually we are quite skeptical when it comes to items with cinnamon (our experience with cinnamon has been overpowering). This dessert put our suspicions to rest, why – because it’s delicious. It’s crispy, crunchy and sweet all at the same time. Have I fangirled enough to convince you? IMG-20150516-03640 These cinnamon sticks are heaven though they look quite humble, as mentioned before I’m not a fan on cinnamon so for me to like something is huge. These are psychotically good, glorious bits of heaven, a lot of credit to that innocent looking icing sugar dip, which turned out to be the best thing ever.

Our server Regine was helpful and super nice huge props to her!
Yes I do understand I sound like a hysterical fangirl but can you blame me Paavos just has exceptional food give it a try they have 6 branches in Dubai plus everything is baked and oil free!

If you want more Paavolicious updates follow them on social media @PaavosUAE!

Disclaimer: we were invited to try out Paavos but our opinions are as always unbiased and Paavos will be a new family staple. Btw we are not black holes this menu tasting took our family of 5 a while to finish.


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