New branch alert: Tony Roma’s in Wasl Vita

Recently I was invited to Tony Roma’s new Wasl Vita branch for a tasting of their menu (instagram followers will know). Being a fan of Tony Roma’s (for over 7 years) we jumped at the chance. The staff here is super sweet and we even got to meet the chef who explained the components in each dish!

Let’s begin: for drinks we tried the citrus surprise, vanilla shake and banana strawberry freeze. We also tried the pina swirl (picture above).

The citrus surprise was surprising indeed and zesty – loved the added kick of lemon juice.
The vanilla shake was thick, filling and addictive.
The banana strawberry freeze was sweet and fruity but not as fruity as the pina swirl. All the drinks are perfect for cooling off from Dubai’s heat.

For starters we tried the roma sampler and kickin’ shrimp.

We were looking forward to the roma sampler and it didn’t disappoint. The boneless buffalo bites were smothered in sauce and packed heat, the potato skins were crispy and cheesy, the quesadilla was soft and I loved the salsa that came with it. The main dish of the sampler was the onion loaf: slithers of onions deep fried and came with a spicy bbq sauce.

The kickin’ shrimp were also amazing, crunchy and tender at the same time. Beware these are innocent looking but the spice only hits you when you least expect it.

Moving on to mains we tried three: linguine vegetariani, roasted garlic & rosemary chicken and bountiful beef ribs & filet medallions. Boy do they have huge portions.

The linguine was light and creamy, the tomato pesto sauce was rich and the feta cheese wan’t too strong. Everything worked well together there wasn’t a dominance of the eggplant which is now hard to find.

The roasted garlic & rosemary chicken was juicy, succulent and perfectly seasoned. The steamed veggies were simplistic but went well with the meal. I absolutely loved the rice, packed impressive rustic flavors. I’m drooling on my keyboard as I’m typing. #needmore


Moving on the world famous bountiful beef ribs these were served with creamy mashed potatoes which are just as good as I remember and mixed steamed veggies. The ribs are delicious, the texture, the taste it’s perfection at it’s best. The filet medallions are topped with a demi glaze sauce which add to the juiciness.

Coming to the best part of any meal dessert, I think I love dessert too much. We opted for the cookie dough skillet and the take two which has half portions of the chocolate brownie and apple crisp.


The cookie dough skillet is huge though not served in a skillet is still a good dessert, the ice cream soft and creamy but the cookie is too hard. Good enough for 2-3 people, it’s massive.

The take two is a brilliant idea, my mom loved the apple crisp which is made with granny smith apples and topped with streusel and ice cream. This is probably the only apple crisp-esque dessert where the flavors are balanced and thankfully doesn’t have too much cinnamon. #love
The other half is the decadent chocolate brownie, I could be stranded on an island with this and be perfectly content for years. One of the better brownies I’ve had and works perfectly with the ice cream. Brownies and ice cream together forever! Forgive my childishness when it comes to dessert.

Tony Roma’s even does a lunch deal where you get an appetizer, entree and drink for 39 Dhs.


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