Food: Shakespeare and Co. in Nasseriya, Sharjah

We decided to have lunch on Saturday at Shakespeare and Co. which is located in the eco friendly My City Centre, Nasseirya (near Zulekha Hospital). What really sets Shakespeare and Co. apart from the rest is its whimsical decor (the food and service too 🙂 ). We started off with drinks and a bread basket with some of the best garlic herb butter I’ve had. Loved the piping hot bread!

IMG-20150411-02977IMG-20150411-02990 From left to right, the fresh pineapple juice, really good mint lemonade and slightly sour pink grapefruit juice. Since they have a huge menu we were stumped with what to order, we finally decided on a beetroot and squash salad, quinoa salad and mozzarella sticks for starters. IMG-20150411-02994 The table favorite chunky beetroot and squash salad. The feta wasn’t too salty, the citrus and balsamic dressing was tangy and not overpowering. Loved the addition of cherry tomatoes and roasted walnuts.

The quinoa salad on the other hand was quite different, this would have to be described as fresh and raw. All the components worked well together – creamy chickpeas, tart radishes, sweet pomegranate, fresh greens, and quinoa seeds paired with a hint of lemon sumac olive oil dressing. Definitely for all the quinoa/health freaks out there! IMG-20150411-02996 Our final starter is the mozza sticks, perfectly executed, love the sweet and sour dipping sauce, definitely heightened the flavor. Moving to to mains we decided to get a halloumi sandwich, chicken stroganoff and salmon filet. IMG-20150411-03006 I’m seriously loving this new halloumi, zaatar, tomato craze. The sandwich was huge, good enough for two people. It was served with zaatar crackers which my mom is still craving. The grilled halloumi was juicy and firm, the veggies added freshness and the zaatar pesto had a little bit of a kick. IMG-20150411-03001 The stroganoff was delicious, puff pastry filled with chicken, mushroom, sundried tomatoes and a delectable gravy (I could drink it by the barrel). Portion size – humongous. The veggies and sticky rice fill you up and leave you satisfied.

My salmon filet was incredible, just look at that presentation, definitely a work of art (I’m sorry I destroyed you 😦 ). This dish has quite a few elements and hard to pull off, perfectly cooked melt in your mouth salmon, creamy grilled eggplant puree, vegetable tartar (tomato salsa, guacamole, diced bell peppers) and hollandaise sauce. Perfection on a plate.IMG-20150411-03008 Another vexing decision had to be made about dessert. Originally we were going to get 2 max but the dessert counter looked super tempting and we ended up getting 3.

Seems like my fixation with the lemon tart isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. The lemon and almond cream was tangy, the tart was soft, an ideal dessert. #love IMG-20150411-03014 Somebody got a little impatient and forgot to let me take a picture (the sugar queen). The mogador which is a treat for any chocolate lover – chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, almond biscuit, praline cream and roasted hazelnuts. The dessert from heaven, balanced sweetness. The mogador is also available in a full cake form.

Moving on to final dessert the caramansi. A luscious caramel dessert, vanilla sponge, caramansi cream, chocolate coated crispy rice and creamy caramel. A cake drenched in caramel which also has crispy rice, what more do you want in life.

A wonderful lunch was ended with some amazing green tea and jasmine lotus tea, plus I loved their buttery petit fours. Shakespeare and Co. has definitely skyrocketed to one of my top restaurants, did you see thoseportion sizes :O. Can’t wait to come back and try their enormous pastas.

For more information you can visit their website:

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