New restaurant alert: Chickenow Premiere on SZR

Chickenow is located on Sheikh Zayed Road right next to the Millennium Plaza Hotel. We were there for the opening! Walking in you’re greeted by smiles all around and extremely happy and helpful staff. As were seated we were greeted with mint lemonade which was a refreshing respite to the typical Dubai heat that is slowly getting worse 😥

We started our explosive meal with an edamame salad which contained: edamame, tomatoes, bean sprouts, rocket leaves, olives, cucumber, red quinoa and a honey mustard dressing.
I was pleasantly surprised with the salad fresh veggies with an exotic twist drenched in a tangy honey mustard dressing, the serving size was huge and it just screams healthy.

IMG-20150407-02942 IMG-20150407-02941

We then moved onto make your own burgers. Mine is on the left, I chose grilled chicken topped with tomatoes, lettuce, olives, cheese and spicy grandma sauce. The chicken was juicy, bun was perfectly toasted and the spicy grandma sauce gave it an extra kick.
Mom’s is on the right, she chose crispy chicken topped with jalapenos, olives, caramelized onions and guacamole. The succulent chicken, creamy guacamole and crisply fresh veggies were an excellent combination.


Our final dish which includes the world famous tenders is the tenders combo for two. It contains: 6 tenders, texas bread, chips, coleslaw and grandma sauce. Definitely the star of the meal, my mom and I loved their mouthwatering tenders – soft and crispy. Their sides are also great and go well with the meal, the grandma sauce is quite strong so dip with caution.

Chickenow is not your regular fast food joint. It has a great range of options from salads, burgers, tenders, chicken, milkshakes and more. Can’t wait to come back and satisfy my tender craving!


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