New restaurant alert: Studio Masr

If you’ve been keeping up with me on instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me raving about Studio Masr. They recently unveiled their latest branch at Boxpark Dubai and I was invited to the media opening.

The interiors have been beautifully done with an Egyptian theme, the yellow walls are covered with the best of Egypt’s cinematic scene: there’s even a tv with Egyptian movies. I loved the small lamps hanging over every booth.

We started off with green tea and orange juice for drinks: both of them were refreshing, perfect for the meal ahead. Our server recommended to try the soup and since I had a little cold, I opted for the tomato soup whereas my mom got the lentil soup. The tomato soup was rich and creamy, completely warmed me up and wasn’t too salty. The lentil soup was also good came with croutons but a little bland.

For starters we got an appetizer platter which contained 8 different dishes. I loved: tomeyeh – a labneh esque garlic sauce, moutabel – eggplant dip had great consistency, besara – herbed beans puree reminded me of falafel, tabbouleh – packed with freshness, hummus – different from the norm yet the flavors popped, sambousek – there were 3: meat, cheese and spinach, I loved them all, good pastry to filling ratio. We also got the roka halloumi salad with had a tangy dressing, the halloumi was perfectly seasoned and came in a huge bowl.

For mains we got the mix grill and shish tawook. The mix grill was ‘grilled’ to perfection, the meat tender and juicy, the oriental rice had a slight sweet taste due to the toasted raisins. I personally loved the shish tawook, succulent and delicious, I also loved the bread and grilled vegetables that came with it.

We almost didn’t have dessert and I’m glad I was convinced to have the kashtaleya with dates and boy was it a treat. The creamy rice pudding at the bottom was topped with a crispy vanilla ice cream, dates and pistachios. The ice cream is the real specialty that ties the dish together, it has this crispy texture that you really can’t describe.

Overall it was a great lunch and I can’t wait to be back!

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