Food: 800 Pizza

It is a bit hard to find but if you roll into the Manzil Hotel and take the basement parking you’ll find 800 pizza quite easily! It’s a beautiful branch with a clear view of the wood fire oven and shelves filled with bottles of aged balsamic vinegar, olive oil, chestnut jam and more Italian goodies. Since the weather was nice for a change we decided to sit outside. Tables covered in white table clothes, lamps and elegant tableware make for a romantic setting.

Moving on to this visit, my mom and I decided to drop in for dinner after hearing quite a bit about 800 pizza (it’s featured in the upper crust section on Zomato).
We decided on: fresh pineapple juice for drinks and crocchette di patate and balsamic salad for starters.
The crocchette di patate was interesting, crunchy on the outside, soft and cheesy from the inside.
The balsamic salad was incredible, extremely fresh, the pine seeds heightened the already vibrant flavor. It’s served with extra balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

The much awaited namesake pizzas! My mom got the pesto pizza (wholewheat base) whereas I opted for the salami and pepperoni. Both of them delicious and huge with 8 slices each.
The pesto pizza was brilliant, everything clashes to bring a new layer of flavor, glad to see two of my personal favorite underdogs on a pizza – pesto and sundried tomatoes.
For the salami and pepperoni, it looks like a meaty pizza but at the first bite you can tell that the flavors are balanced, it has great meat to cheese to base ratio.

We were way too full for dessert but they looked enticing and thus next time I will save room! Huge shout out to our amazing server Rodovic, very attentive, uber nice and made sure all our needs were met too. Glad to not see typical Dubai service!

Prices (AED):
Pineapple juice: 23
Local water: 8
Crocchette di patate (4 pieces): 17
Balsamic salad: 28
Classic salami and pepperoni: 53
Classic pesto: 53 (5 AED addition for wholewheat base)

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